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  1. And how do you call someone who might offers real and fresh seeds? I cannot prove that these are wild collected seeds I won´t assume anything.

    Sure, personally I would not buy them since I don´t think they come from cultivated plants.

  2. I know I will make myself pretty unpopular but he looks like a reliable seller or at least has reliable dealer in those areas since you don´t get any results with a picture reverse search(I just tried some, they could be still  "hidden photos") and also some pictures shows his ebayname "yescarnivorousfarm". So I think the seeds are legit (whether they are fresh or old is another matter). And since the photos are always taken from the jungle there is a possibility that these are wild collected seeds.

    So please do yourself a favour and don´t buy seeds without knowing for sure, whether they are wild collected or from cultivated plants.



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