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  1. Take a look at Norway. Something like that is probable. If we come to a reasonable 'deal' with The EU that is. This is the insanity of it all. I can still buy from The US but a seller in France needs to be deleted from my list!
  2. You should be OK if it was so short a duration. I have lost plants with long duration (month long) freezes. This winter, here in Northern England, I just (March) noticed that hidden away was a Cymbidium (orchid) that has spent all its time outdoors this year with no problem. That isn't supposed to happen.
  3. If only we encounterred customer service like this in normal every day to day life. I have found that once you are away from companies reliant upon 'churn' as their business model then you find a lot of businesses that are just fine. They want you to come back. Often you do.
  4. I'm going for a Hooker (rafflesiana x ampullaria) crossed with something long (spectabilis?). Then again, I have absolutely no idea.
  5. Sphag tends to colour up for a whole host of reasons.
  6. I don't beleive that anyone has suggested getting the 'Empire' back. You need to remember that there are two faces to 'Europe' The EEA - The free trade element The EU - The project to create a single European state. I don't believe that this country will ever agree to the second set of goals (The EU) and so we should just get out of the way of those (countries) that do. Even in the worse case scenarios painted for leaving, I don't believe that easy trade in plants even enters my 'radar' when considering The EU.
  7. Bloody thing (terrarium) has just become so overgrown with Neps, Heliamphora and every bloody Sundew in Qeensland. Took me a full afternoon today to break the b*stard up. e-bay time.
  8. I have to say that I'm winding down my LED's from 50->40->30 now. (3ft x 12 fish tank)
  9. I was thinking of that stuff (live Sphag) that is pretty much dead (or will be very soon) and covered with a layer of 'slime'. I have been known to cultivate it from time to time but I'm never quite sure how. :) As far as plants (Sarracenia?) are concerned, I'm not sure that it's ever a good sign.
  10. It does look like old, decomposed Sphag. (either that or someone has been sick in your pot) I would just re-pot it after removing all the existing stuff. You could always just clean it up and pop it (bare root) into the fridge if you are worried about dormancy issues.
  11. I have one of those on my small tank (2ft) driving an 18W LED - very handy little unit. It's been running for over 12 months now.
  12. Get yourself some more plants! I'm looking at a bunch of sorry looking Sars but having to look over some Orchid flowers (and flower stems) to do it. If you have a garden as well then by getting a range of plants you can have something going on year round. There's nothing more heartening than having Orchids bloom in Dececember followed by Snowdrops in January ...
  13. What he said. Though I would put S. Purpurea (and hybrids of same) outside in the full force of a Manchester Winter (though not in trays - you get too much water). A few years ago I lost some previously hardy plants, VFT's and some of the more delicate Sars, by keeping them outside. So if it looks like another 10/11 type Winter then bring such plants indoors for the duration of the (extra) cold.
  14. A man that likes to live on the edge - I like that.
  15. I just ignored the red/blue ratios (most 'white' LED's are made from red/blue anyway). If one were a commercial grower then these things may be important but in my living space a nice warm white is OK. The plants seem to be OK with it too. I have ramped down the power lately for much the reason you suggest. They were getting a little too red. The whole set-up provides a nice light to the room that allows me to not turn on main lights. Couldn't ask for more really. Plants happy, me happy.
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