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  1. I think Zerbirus was referring to an incident that Dom was involved with in the past....
  2. Yeah I agree with Manders. If your new to growing Nepenthes, look at some easy growing species or hybrids to start off with (N. Ventricosa, Ventrata, Maxima ect).
  3. Beautiful plants. Do you have any recent pics of your N. Robcantleyi?
  4. Yeah, I'm sure reducing watering will improve their growth. Maybe repot the ones in the peatmoss/ bark in the future with a less dense mixture might really help prevent too much water-retainment. If you do need to replace your N. Lowii (hopefully not), Christian Klein might have some (sg) Trusmadi available which are reasonably priced. Hope all the best.
  5. Thanks for the pictures, whats the humidity inside the propagator? Nepenthes can die very quickly from root rot if you think it was caused by over-watering.
  6. If its the recent Borneo Exotics cross I believe both parents are highlanders so would need highlander conditions. I don't think this cross has been done before by any large vendors (can someone correct me if i'm wrong), so there might not be any mature specimens of the plant. Hope this helps
  7. Thanks, I'll try to fix it
  8. N. Hurreliana N. Spathulata x Spectabilis N. Jacqeuelineae N. Vogelii N. Platychila N. Inermis N. Aristolochioides Couple of N.Lowii N. Robcantleyi Found a N. Rafflesiana in the highland greenhouse N. Spectabilis Large N. Mikei plant
  9. Hi, Went to Chester Zoo a week ago and was kindly allowed to see the nepenthes collection behind scenes, just wanted to share some pictures I took of the collection while I was there. Highland collection N. Lowii x Ventrocosa N. Lowii x Veitchii N. X Trusmadiensis N Ventricosa Huge N. Truncata x Merriliana pitcher N. Peltata Group Photo
  10. Nice cross! Hope it grows well for you, will be interesting to see what it looks like in a couple of years.
  11. Here's a link to a topic on the forum about germinating seeds-
  12. Lovely plants, hope they grow well for you. Can't wait to see what Nepenthes Rajah x Mira will turn out like!
  13. Hi, I got the same N. Sanguinea from Hampshire Cp's around three years ago- First few months- 2017-
  14. Welcome to the forum! Yeah I agree with Jurkyluis, where did you get it from?
  15. Thanks gabgabinou. You can see the plant has a lot of potential!
  16. Hi, just wanted to ask if anyone has any pictures of a matured specimen of EP's N. (talangensis x TM) x (ventricosa x TM)? Mine unfortunately died a while back so I was interested what the plant turned out to look like. Thanks Elliott
  17. Minch108

    Winter pitchers

    Those neps are amazing, the teeth on the macrophylla's and edwardsiana's peristome are spectacular!! Thanks for sharing these pics.
  18. Hi, Kew does have carnivorous plant displays for the public but most of their plants are behind scenes. Two years ago luckily I was able to ask one of the staff to see there nepenthes collection while on a Orchid tour. In the past they have done open days for the public to see their behind scenes collection but I'm not sure if they do them anymore. I hope this helps answer your question.
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    Hi, hope you find the forum useful.
  20. Hi Tizzy, Welcome to the forum! I hope you find things on the forum useful.
  21. Beautiful plants, really like the way you have grown them.
  22. If you are still interested for a photo-
  23. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. It was a really good open day