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  1. Now why the hell I'm on the wrong side of the globe ;) Awesome photos!
  2. Thank you for the welcome :)
  3. Awesome plants m8! What are those red Sarracenias? Flavas coloured so much or something else? Could you be so kind and share those tips? If red Sarracenias on your pics are flavas, than I'm even double curious
  4. Hi all. I'm from Warsaw, Poland and I've recently joined this forum. I'm cultivating CPs for around 5 years, but only for 3 with success ;) as first 2 years were only shameful losses. My favorite plants are VFs, Sarracenias, Nepenthes and Heliamphoras and I'm focusing on cultivating those. I've started from simple plants like VFs and Sarracenias, but I'm trying to develop my hobby and recently adapted an old fish tank into a terra for plants, to check how it's going to look like and how plants will grow. As everything goes very well, soon, as a next step, I'm planning to build a more professional and much better looking terrarium for Nepenthes and Heliamphoras. I hope we'll have a possibility to exchange some experiences :)