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  1. Hello! I have a sarracenia hybrid that seems healthy despite some of the mistakes I have made with it. I only just found out that I should have been wintering it cold if I want it to produce flowers in the spring…I will fix that this year. Anyways, my question is regarding trimming back the plant. -The man who told me about cold wintering also told me that I should completely trim back all the pitchers on the plant before hibernation, and that it will grow back healthy in the spring. Is this true? Seems like a shame to cut away all of my lovely huge pitchers. It was such a tiny thing when I bought it. -Also, since I have failed to do that up until now- I am curious about the proper way to trim back pitchers that are turning brown. Should I just trim away the brown bits and leave the remaining healthy green parts (I've already done this, and am now doubting myself, because it leaves the pitcher open and exposed) or should I cut off the whole pitcher even though some of it is still green? I read somewhere that you should never cut into the living tissue- so now I am confused. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  2. I'm actually an american living in Austria. I'm not completely new to carnivorous plants, but consider myself a beginner. I have a TON of questions and am looking for help from more experienced growers. Thank you in advance for the help.