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  1. R00b

    Pigmy drosera Tray

    So nice! Keep us posted!
  2. I can't find any word to describe my astonishment. The setups are breathtaking, the terrarium is both tidy and natural, one of the most pleasing for my eyes I've ever seen. Almost sorry to waste space for this message instead of more pictures of yours but I needed to say it out loud. Truly thanks for sharing :)
  3. fond of Drosera and Pinguicula (mostly)

  4. Thanks for your answer anyway. I was waiting for this answer and now, back from my vacation, the tickets for the visit of the collection are sold out
  5. I've run through all the photos in delight: the photos are stunning and the plants are so tidily growing and very well attended. Thanks a lot and keep sharing please :)
  6. I'll stay there for three days, should I buy three accesses per person?
  7. I already booked my train and room I have attended only the last EEE in Padua and it was a continuous trade and sell parade, I loved it and I'm sure the organizers won't let us down by forbidding this exciting part of the EEE. Even without buying any tables, some people arranged to meet to trade/sell plants, even for large quantities :) See you all in Lyon and keep up the good organizing work :)
  8. Wow, I love this species. How big is the plant?
  9. R00b

    Swedish Sundews

    Wow, amazing photos of cute plants in a stunning place! Thanks for sharing. It strikes to me that these plants grow very close to the ocean so I guess the air and soil might be rich in salt. Is this correct?
  10. Wow that's a nice setup and veeeery nice results Thanks for sharing your solution, I think I'll try sometime soon
  11. looking for H. minor, N. ampullaria and bicalcarata :D

  12. Really impressive photos, vivid colours and fascinating shapes. Thanks for sharing and... if you spare some young division... count me in
  13. I am also planning my first trip to London especially for that occasion. And we still have more than one year to spend before that! Should we say I am quite interested?
  14. Wow, I really love this species! Thanks for sharing!
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