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  1. Beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing.
  2. tish

    Dionaea Seeds

    Highly advise against buying dionaea seeds from ebay unless you know the seller. Many people has been tricked. Buy from the forum or online plant shops recommended in the forum is your best choice.
  3. Wow. Amazing collection and beautiful droseras.
  4. Very nice setup. All the best and hope to see good sucess there. do update us.
  5. tish


    Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy growing your plant :)
  6. Very nice red and green cilia
  7. I must be lucky! Today, I was able to witness the first flower bloom on the Tokaiensis flower stalk. Blooms Closing The plant in full.
  8. Thank you Prompt for your feedback on your experiences with 5050 LED and the recommendation on the setup. I got most of my answers from your reply. Hi notostracan, a Lux meter was all I have for measuring light. Perhaps I will not take too serious with the reading. Just for a comparison between the T5HO tube and the LED. I do have the intention to using Red and blue, but also cool white and warm white. Will be a trial. I value your advise and suggestion. Thanks everyone. I think I have good suggestions and advises with and against using the 5050 LED. Now I know what to look for when I do my test.
  9. tish

    Dionaea 'coquiton'

    Cute n neat looking 1
  10. Hi Hud357, thanks again for the advise, i already had a fan on and it is not helping much. As my objective is to cut cost. Adding more fan or turning on air condition will not be a good option. I already bought the 5050 SMD LED strips 3 weeks ago so I need to experiment on this first. They are not here yet. I might have to run some test for a month or 2 to see if the current LED I bought will do any good. Alternatively I think I cano measure the LUX value on my T5HO tubes and from the LED to do a quick comparison if the lights are enough. There is an App for android that utilized the proximity sensor to measure lights in LUX value. What I have bought are 4 x 1 meter Cool white 4 x 1m blue 1 x 1m red 2 x 1m warm white I thought I will be using more blue for plant growth, but seems like everyone is using Red more than blue. this is how it looks like, is this the same 5050 you used to use? Not efficient?
  11. Those arachnid are awesome
  12. I Don't keep Mantis, but I have come across them during my Macro photographing days. I took quite a few photos and had recently share in another forum. Here's most of them : Boxer mantis (Hestiasula sp.) A very tiny mantis that mimic ants I think. Mantodae when I was on holidays in Taiwan in some mountains.
  13. notostracan , Hud357, Thanks for your feedback. You have used 5050 strips before? This might be bad for me, I want to replace my T5HO because they are generating additional 5°C to my ambient temperature 30°C . The second motive is to save on power. 5050 SMD LED is using 3 led in 1 module, I thought that is quite strong. Currently I'm using 2x 2 ft T5HO, I am thinking of replacing with 3 or 4 strips of (I meter ) 5050 SMD LED in hoping to achieve a replacement. My current setup is taking a space of 85cm X 60cm. The LED you are using looks interesting, you have been using it. how many are you using for your 3 feet tank which is almost the same space as mine. How many do you think will light up my space 85cm x 60cm.
  14. Some info I found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMD_LED_Module SMD LED (module) :5050 Dimensions ( mm x mm) :5.0 x 5.0 Power (watt) :0.2 Flux(lumen) :16-18 Intensity(candela) :5.1-5.75 Beam angle(degree) :120 http://szgmled.en.alibaba.com/product/521208168-0/5050_smd_led_datasheet.html 5050 smd led datasheet[/size][/size] Color: white(2000-20000k), red, blue, green, yellow, RGB Current: 60mA Power: 0.2w Chips: Epistar 10*23 mil chips Three chips inside super bright!!! Lumens: 10-24lm Lighting degree: 120 degree Package: 1000 pcs/reel Life span: 50000 hrs-80000 hrs Warranty: 3 years Certification: FCC, CE and RoHS certification
  15. 60led in a 1meter strip at 14.4watts. Cuttable at every 3 led mark
  16. Hi, I intend to replace my T5HO tubes with 5050 SMD LED strips. I currently use 2 x 2ft T5HO tubes, am thinking of replacing them with 2 strips of Blue 5050 SMD and 1 strip of mix Red and Orange Led. Is this led a good replacement for thr T5HO?
  17. Some closed up photos of vft seedlings that germinates from around 3rd Aug. They were from Flytrapcare. Mixture of clones seeds.
  18. Looks like a Drosera Tokaienasis to me. With the pink flower bud
  19. I think one of my Darlingtonia seeds has germinated. I got these seeds a few week ago. They are sitting lfs and top live sphag. First experience.
  20. Thanks mobile. I would have to trim if it gets too long :)
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