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  1. I don't have room in the fridge for pots.. Plus probably wouldn't be allowed...lol oh how women have the last say.. There isn't any ice.. The fridge have an electronic thing says its 3c in there so should be fine.. So how do I go about doing it without pots ? Do I still use compost.. And if so.. How do I get the seeds back out of it.. (Cause I want multiple pots) I read you can do it with kitchen roll.. How do Ido this ? Or is this method not advised.. I did read somewhere bout a higher chance of stuff you don't want growing in there cause of less circulation. Matt
  2. Okay :-) when you say then need to go in the fridge do you mean just in the fridge as they are ? Or do you mean you have to do the whole put them on a damp kitchen roll.. In a ziplock in the fridge ? Matt
  3. Cool :-) am gonna order some perlite for next week I think ^^ Yeah I have OCD so conflicting information is never good for me :-p Also am not sure if any of the species I have need to be go In a damp thing in the fridge.. Can't remember what that's called... But anyway am gonna list my seeds I have.. Could you guys point out if any NEED to have that done (or any other "special" things).. Drosera capensis (alba) Drosera spatulata Drosera intermedia Drosera binata (var.dichotoma) Dionaea muscipula (standard form) Dionaea muscipula (XL) Dionaea muscipula (all red) Also if I put pure peat for vft won't it be too compact ? I think that's the purpose of the perlite.. To loosen the soil and let air circulate better, as well as help root growth. Matt
  4. Ok... Now from what I have read sand is a bad idea because it's never lime free.. Is this true ? Is it best to stick with perlite ? Also doesn't perlite break down over time and hurt the plant ? Matt
  5. Hey ^^ I am new.. (Have never grown any cp's yet) So am just looking for a basic "tried and tested" recipe.. Hence the peat:sand mix most sites say 1:1 peat sand mix.. I read more and sand means silica.. Not specifically sand as normal.. But can't find pool filter sand or sandblasting.. So fail that was looking at that horticultural sand.. It seems ok..with a wash I can't see it being bad if it's lime free... Or am I wrong ? I know (have read) that westland peat is NEVER to be used as a lot of people have lost whole plants from this.. But I didn't know this extended to the sand ? Shouldn't this be ok after a good rainwater wash ? And em.. I have some dionaea muscipula like 3 diff forms of that.. And afew drosera (this I think are the ones I will like most if I can grow em) Mostly easy to grow species.. I think the hardest form of them I have is intermedia. Truth told I am likely to mess em up anyway :-p but want the best chances of getting things to grow.. So.. Will that horticultural sand be ok for them ? Or is it a no ? Matt
  6. Oh em I read the lime free bit on this http://www.gardenhealth.com/uploads/files/store/resources/product-label/10600025.pdf Em.. If not this can someone point me to some I can use ? Preferably about that price and either sold close to Medway or delivered.. Is just getting annoying it shouldn't be this hard to find this stuff.. Matt
  7. Hey how does http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westland-Horticultural-Sand-20kg-Next-Day-Delivery-/281259950304?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Garden_Plants_Fertiliser_CV&hash=item417c6640e0 Look to you lot ? It's lime free I think.. Does anyone use it ? If so is it fine enough for them ? Matt
  8. Ok, firstly I hope this is an okay place for this topic (if not please move :-) ) I have been looking and reading (lots) I am new to cp's and it's all getting a little confusing.. Mostly I didn't think it would be this hard to get a decent soil mix.. Stupid uk. I have ordered some moorland gold stuff from the site (so will hopefully get here soon). I assume this still needs washing ? I was looking at perilite but read somewhere that after about a year it begins to break down in the soil and add minerals Ect to the soil that you obviously don't need.. So then was thinking sandblasting sand/pool filter sand ( I would prefer this anyway to perilite)...but am having trouble finding anywhere that sells these. So was just wondering where in the uk (stores Ect) you people get your sandblasting sand, pool filter sand, broken glass... Ect Ect from really.. Or if you order online where from then ? Would appreciate any links or pics to what you get as I said am having a lot of trouble finding them in any stores near me.. I live near Medway in Kent.. In case I have locals on here :-) Matt
  9. Hey :-) Am from near Medway .. Bout 40 miles south of London give or take ( never too specific online..lol ) and yeah I always have loads of questions.. I think I overdo the research but and overthink things..sometimes making them harder than they need to be..lol But is good to be here :-) am trying to pick a soil type atm.. Not much choice but still more than I would like.. I prefer things to say do this.. But soil for these seem to be a lot trial and error.. And lots of conflicting info on some of it.. Matt
  10. Just thought I would say hey from Kent I don't have any cp's yet but should have seeds on the way... So fingers crossed will have some soon... Also I apologise in advance for the noob questions..lol Matt
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