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  1. Thanks, yeah it's something I'm going to have to watch. One question I have a tree above the bog do I need to make sure the leaves don't get in the bog? At the moment I've got a makeshift cover but not sure if it's needed. Thought I'd ask the pros. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. After receiving some sphagnum moss of the very kind gardenofeden, it's starting to look more like a bog. Can anyone tell me if I should cut the flower stalks of the sundews or leave them? Not sure what's going on but they were like this before I planted them in the bog.
  3. Been trying to find some live sphagnum moss unsuccessfully. Any suggestions where I can get some?
  4. I've finally got it all sorted now just need to wait and watch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi, thanks for the replies, it's not your typical Belfast sink so no overflow hole so I think I'll probably give the pipe out of the plug hole idea a try. Also don't think it's deep enough to have any upturned pots so just filling with peat, sand and perlite. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Hi again, Does anyone have any experience with making a carnvious bog garden in a Belfast sink? Since I won't be able to put holes in the side so it doesn't flood will this be a problem? I hope to pick it up tomorrow then I can start on it some time next week. Also I see a lot of posts about having upturned pots as a water reservoir in the mini bogs is that a good idea for bigger ones too? I'm hoping to put a few of theses in, probably not the Leucophylla, the baby Venus flytrap and the ping isn't looking too good since I moved in December. I tried having it in my kitchen window but I
  7. Hi, just thought I'd post a introduction. Been growing the odd carnivous plant for a few years now I had a old wheelbarrow as a mini bog garden with plants I got from garden centres and eBay when I lived in Cumbria. Recently moved to Lancashire now taking it a lot more seriously got some proper plants from hantsflytrap.com and a couple of eBay growing in a green house since February, was planning on making a bog garden start of next year but the father in law is giving me a Belfast sink next week so might go that route first. Probably too late in the year to plant them in it now right? Will j