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  1. Cheers Ian, That sounds like a plan.... Yep plenty of them shops around ill have a nosey.
  2. Ahh Cheers Stu, well looking at the forecast rain this weekend so it will help, ive just divided and repotted everything into mini bogs, hoping to save water but may have made my situation worse as ive got twice as many plants now as I estimated hahahaha.. oh well.
  3. Hi All Im in a bit of a pickle (if we don't get any rain before summer arrives) I had to drain my rain water butts recently, so is there anyway of easily testing water (possibly lake or stream water) to see if its suitable for my CP's? Any help would be helpful Cheers all
  4. That's amazing, id love to have something similar but my garden is just to small
  5. Nice 1, mine hangs happily in the conservatory chucking out traps, also I have new growths in the media possibly side shoots (Don't know if they divide naturally?) but ill do some investigating soon. both mine were touching roof so ive done some experimental cuttings to see what happens. either they will die or ill have another 4 plants lol
  6. Thanks Peeps, Ill most certainly be nosing through the posts and info as I have much to learn. Loakesy I will definitely take you up on that offer as your just up the road basically.
  7. Hi all Thanks for adding me to this group, Ive been hooked on carnivorous plants ever since my wifey bought me a typical Vft for fathers day couple of years ago, and now im a proud owner of many divisions and seedlings as well as other varieties of Cp. Pitchers, Butterwort, Sundews and recently tropical pitchers.