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  1. I have an 8x6 greenhouse but i fancy leaving some plants outdoors over winter, mainly the S.Minor as the pot is so large and heavy to handle. Chris
  2. I guess i could shove a load of decompsed grass and stuff around it from the compost heap to elp insulate the pot slightly to make sure. What about watering for outdoor plants? can they cope with the rain and dampness of the winter months? I know u have to let the trays in a gh dry out a bit through the winter. Cheers Chris
  3. Hi all. Just wondering if S.Minor types are ok to be left outdoors all year round. I have a big pot with an S.Minor and S.Purpurea, and would like to leave it outdoors if safe. Cheers Chris
  4. Thanks a lot guys... one last question i wanted to have answered is, how long normally does it take a leaf cutting to start producing larger traps? i took some around a year and a half aggo and still they only produce tiny tiny pitchers, some dont produce any yet, just leaves. Cheers Chris
  5. Hi all. Just need some quick info on splitting and repotting Cephs, what the best time of year is, and how it should be done (if theres anything difficult or different needed) compared to other CP's. Cheers Chris
  6. I was under the impression that any crossed VFT will only produce typical VFT seeds? at least thats what ive allways heard.... <<< confused Chris
  7. yeah tis a fair point... ive left a few older leaves on, but chopped the ones dangling and drooping everywhere. Ive waited until now so the plant has a lot of new growth being sent up to help with photosynthesis. Hope its ok :)..... found a nasty sized cetrpillar on one of them yesterday! thought it was a snail to begin with which i had found previously and removed, but noticed that my traps were still being munched! found a sneaky caterpillar on a trap, camouflauged very well! took me a while to spot
  8. Hi all. Lately i have been wanting to make my Sarracenia a bit more eye friendly, and was wondering if its ok to cut back old pitchers once new growth for the year has started, even if the old traps still look OK. Some older traps droop and dangle out of the pot/tray and i want to cut them down. Chris
  9. Ok sounds good. Ill let my one dry out in winter then and keep it just damp. Im going to try and split it today by taking a small chunk of soil out, and see if i can get more. Chris
  10. Hi all.. I have a U.Livida that i got from Nigel as a section cut out of his pot. It has since been doing very well, ive been keeping it in the same conditions as my sarrs, with a lot of water, almost soil level for the U.Livida and letting it drain down slightly to maybe half the soil level. I was just wondering if these are the "right" conditions, as it has been doing so well, and also what should be done with it over winter? Any info would be cool. Thanks Chris
  11. Wow....... Ive also noticed some of the tiny tiny lil hair balls that they start out like are going brown. I suppose thats normal aswell as they are in pretty much full sun. I did get some seedlings from you Stephen, and they didnt do too well lol. So so so so tiny. Chris
  12. Hey all. Another quickie about Cephs. I took 4 cuttings last year, and 3 of the 4 have sprouted new foliage thios year, but nothing much else has happened, they have a few tiny leaves and a couple of tiny traps, but havnt done anything else since. Are they meant to grow this slow? Chris
  13. Hi all.. At the start of the year i moved my cephalotus leaf cuttings from my indoor terrarium (not particularly humid) to my greenhouse. But i am wonder, when the winter approaches once again, should i move them back indoors? will it need to be a gradual thing, or do you think they will be ok with a straight forward move inside. I dont want them to go dormant as i want them to get to a larger size by next year. Cheers Chris
  14. Hi all. I have recently purchased a Nepenthes, and would like to know how to cut it back when needed. I have read about these basal shoots and making sure the plant has some, but i dont actually know what basal shoots are. Any info on the pruning of nepenthes would be great. Thanks Chris
  15. So the old leaf part rotting wont spread to the rest of the plant? At the moment it is just like a few little green stringy looking bits that are sprouting.... not in the shape of a VFT trap atall yet. So you think i should put it into a pot of its own witha peat/sand mix? Cheers Chris
  16. Hi all... I have a sarr and am unsure of the name. A lot of its pitchers are falling over. and feel very weak when you touch them..... no stiffness in the stalk atall.. I am wondering if something is wrong with it? do Sarrs go like this if they arent getting enough water? Any help will be good. Cheers Chris
  17. Hi all. Jus a quickie about VFT cuttings..... I cut a small section of a leaf off my typical VFT a while back, and it has just started sprouting new growth... I am wondering. When should it be taken out of the moss and put in its own pot and soil.... and also, how do you seperate it from the section of leaf.... Im guessing if you leave it attached it will rot and spread to the rest of it? Any info would be great. Thanks a lot Chris
  18. Hi all. Today i got a VERY large pot and an even larger bowl type thing to stand it in, Ive transplanted an S. Minor into the center of this, and was wondering if they like to be almost waterlogged, The water level is currently half way up the side of the pot, but im thinking of adding more. I am also thinking of adding a S. Purp of some kind, i would like a red form of it (Venosa) i think? There is about an inch between the soil level and the top of the pot to allow a nice carpet of moss to gradually grow as i think moss looks attractive. Cheers Chris
  19. Ok, thanks for that Mike. For some reason i thought it was a hybrid a while aggo. But thought it didntreally look like it had anything else in it. CHeers Chris
  20. Hi all. Ive been wanting to get this species of Sarr ID's for a while. The on to the right has a very large hood compared to the others. I think this is just a one off tho. Im fairly certain they are the same species. I tried to get a shot showing a few traps from both plants at different angles etc. Let me know what you think. http://dave2150.users.btopenworld.com/Chri...avaXunknown.jpg Cheers Chris
  21. Ive been told you can get plantlets from any part of a VFT including the traps. I am currently trying two whole leaves chopped up into sections in Brad's Water propagation method. Im looking forward to see what happens Its great that you found that Arie! just goes to show that they are best left alone to grow doesnt it! Chris
  22. Ok. Ill probably use orchid bark and some peat. Does it matter what the parts are? Would 2:1 Peat:Orchid bark be fine? Also what are the differences between the types of Heliamphora? Is one smaller or somethin? Cheers Chris
  23. Do they prefer high humidity though? Are they like S. Purpurea when it comes to filling the traps? they dont produce their own digestive liquids? I am thinking of growing mine in a terrarium, but if they dont need very high humidity i could leave the top off to allow better ventilation around the plants. What sort of soil do they like? and how much water should they be given. Thanks a lot Chris
  24. Hi all. I am thinking of trying some Heliamphora seeds or a small plant but i do not have a clue how to look after them other than i know most ppl have them in a terrarium. What sort of light levels do they like, and do they have a dormancy of any kind? Would a un heated propagator be ok for them as my terrarium is not yet set up correctly for high humidity. All the info i can get would be great. A few short care guides etc. Thanks a lot Chris
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