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  1. UPDATE Hi! I bought new lamps: -Slyvania Gro-Lux 30W -Slyvania Aquastar 30W My fogger still doesnt work, but i'm looking for a new one online. I also put "rescue foil" on front to reflect all the light back inside to terrarium. Humidity: about 80% Temperature: 18-23° I have very simple question - what kind of species i can grow in there? I'm asking because some of my nepenthes (ampullaria, rafflesiana, hookeriana) got burnt (?) and they are growing really slow.
  2. Thanks for all your replys :) @matwag I was thinking about the same thing. I'll do this when i find any rotary vents. You mean on the upper wall of terrarium? I've seal it with duct tape and as i said, im earning to buy other lamps. Everything works fine so far. @Adeale I was using "rescue foil" (i dont know how to call it in english, it is used to keep body of accident's victims warm) in my previous terrarium and it worked fine. It will be hard to find such big mirror to cover this one. You mean "Leca" ?I was wondering if i need that, because f
  3. Hi! :) Few weeks ago i made a big terrarium made out of cellular polycarbonate (4mm) 105x55x70 cm. Now there are just 3 lamps (two Megaman Plant and one ordinary fluorescent lamp) but i'm earning to buy something better. I also bought fogger - Climatic 328A but it broke and i'm waiting for spare parts. It kept inside at very high humidity level, i didnt have to water plants anymore. 1. Do i have to make some holes for air circulation (where?) or just slide windows occasionally? I have PC fan connected to a charger, where should i mount it? 2. Is there any equipment missing? Do i need to bu
  4. My friend from carnisana.pl instructed me to buy these lamps: 1 x Phillips Master (6500K) 1 x Osram Fluora (8500K, 550lm) 1 x Phillips Aquarelle (10000K, 2800lm) What do you think about this set?
  5. Does it matter if fluorescentic lamp is longitudinal like this http://img13.allegroimg.pl/photos/oryginal/39/75/51/63/3975516329 or spiral like this http://plantica.pl/allegro_plantica/img/pierdoly/06.jpg ? I'm considering buying the second option because it's cheaper. I dont have to buy T8 sockets and stabilizers. What do you think? How about two 6500K and one 10000K?
  6. I'm using these two http://www.econef.co.uk/shop/order/megaman-plant-lamp-e27-15watt-mm152-w1215p/ and one normal 2700K lamps and effects aren't as good as i thought - it should be better. my ampullarias dont produce pitchers, so do ventratas, sanguinea etc etc
  7. Maybe it looks fine but the wavelength (or something like this) can be different now, you can't see it, just some devices can. Tapnięte z mojej Xperii SP
  8. One comment says that this bulb doesn't work very long - I have to change it after about a half year later. Is it normal? Maybe I should but led panels (this ones on ebay). Will there be any change? How many led bulbs/ panels should I buy to make led light cover all terrarium surface? Tapnięte z mojej Xperii SP
  9. Maybe i'll ask like this: How many nm do the plants need and what color do they need (in K)?
  10. Thank You very much for replies,but I still don't know what should I buy. I'm using foil that us used to save human heat during accidents (I hope you know what I mean) but to this project I'll use aluminium foil used to cover walls (something similar to this which was posted by Odysseus) What lightning do you use in your own terrariums? Tapnięte z mojej Xperii SP
  11. Witam Arturze :) Tapnięte z mojej Xperii SP
  12. Now i think that i should make this terrarium a little bit bigger - i'll change length 1,05m to 1,30m and now all kind of fluorescentic lamps should fit perfectly :) __________________ What about this LED? http://www.ebay.fr/itm/T8-Tube-Lampe-220V-138-LED-Croissance-Plante-Floraison-Horticole-Hydroponie-8W-/370743050762?_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2648&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  13. This solution is very expensive. I'm looking for something cheaper All fluorescentic lamps used in this project (http://roslinyowadozerne.eu/art/technika/paludarium-3.php) costs less than 30$ (in Poland) 80cm height (to adjust hight of fluorescent lamps) @Paul y Can you tell me what "Solid plasma" is? Can you guys give me the specification of lamps that i should buy? I found red-blue LEDs in Poland but 1 panel costs about 60$ and it is just 14W, 800-1000 Lm (WSD-GLRB14W-01). Is it a good deal? Maybe i should buy some more panels? What do you think?
  14. I've heard that red and blue led are hoax and those leds doesn't work as planned. Color isn't everything. What kind of leds should I use, and how many panels? Regards Wojciech Tapnięte z mojej Xperii SP