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  1. Looking at your profile you have been growing carnivorous plants for eleven years when will you ever learn .
  2. It says potting compost so their will most likely be chemicals in their .
  3. Why not put your so called black next to something that's proper black this will show it's red . If you live over here I would never buy from you .
  4. If that plant is black I suggest you get your eyes tested . It's red and nothing else .
  5. Silver sand is very good for sowing very fine seeds if you mixed it together and spread the mix on top of composts . I would save the sand for that .
  6. You have answer your question yourself if you think about it .
  7. It's down to the companies that are handling the package they can refuse to take any item they wish . The reason for plants is they can die before getting there they don't want to pay out for damage . It's nothing to do with the eu at all .
  8. Barron knights you are going back many years . I didn't know they were still going .
  9. Which are you having first a zimmer frame or the book .
  10. Perhaps the best way would be someone to asked Allen Lowrie to fill the forum in with more details about the seed himself as he is the only person who can answer it otherwise you are going around in circles .
  11. All I am saying is you can't trust a picture fully . Maybe he doesn't have a camera as anyone asked him this I don't think so ? . By the way I don't have a camera due to my hands aren't capable of using tiny buttons etc . I wonder how many other people on this forum haven't one as well .
  12. What I am saying anyone can make a plant look better than it is in many ways with any camera and a bit of knowledge . So end of the day sadly you are down to trust . I never buy or will ever buy any plant looking at a picture neither will I sell any plant providing a picture If they don't trust me they don't buy the same the other way round . Sadly pictures don't come true in size or colour anyway .
  13. Pictures prove nothing . There is a lot one can do with a camera to make it bigger even with tape measures etc , or darker etc so why do you need a picture . And how do you know it's even the plant . And how do you know they have even sent you a offset etc from that plant when you have brought one .At the end of the day you are down to how much you trust the person .
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