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  1. Just keep an eye open on the net, sometime there are some offers. Yves
  2. Hi Gary It seems cuttings go through 2 phases, first: production of roots from the piece of petiole. That's the case of first picture. Then there is production of a little tuber, 0.5 - 1cm diam. The first stem is producted by this little tuber. At the begining, there is just a green eye on the tuber and a few roots start to grow at the base of this green shoot. Only after these roots develop, the stem will start to grow. So, when stems grow, there is already a tuber. Tropicbreeze: I don't agree with you, the first step of growth is dead easy, there is no dormancy and stems will grow one after another. (one to one and a half year) Problems arrive with the first real dormancy, tubers dry very fast if kept to dry but also rot fast if kept to wet. In addition, tuber will awake when it wants. On my experience, longer is the dormancy, tougher is the awakening. Yves
  3. Hello After 6 months finger crossed, I had the chance to succeed in A, titanum leaf cutting. Nothing really new, I just followed this recipe : http://forums.gardenweb.com/discussions/1686545/amorphophallus-titanum-leaf-cutting Cut a part of the leaf the 4th April, in July I was obliged to repot the cuttings because of a substrate gnat infestation, just took the opportunity to take a pic. 5 rooted leaf portions out of 7, then I had to wait 2 more months before the first stem appeared. Yves
  4. Hi Marc Just one word : congrats Yves
  5. yves

    Stinking bad

    Just for fun Yves
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    P. calderoniae

    Hello everbody For the second time, I have this species in flower. Here is a few pics. Yves
  7. Hi Fernando You are absolutely right, It is interesting to see the morphological differences between both clones. It would be interesting as you said, to collect some more field data. On my opinion, despite it doesn't form plantlets at the top of leaves, it is more related to P. medusina regarding the shape of flower. Yves
  8. Dear Fischermans I don't agree with you. There are many differences between both of them. It is at least a subsp. P. heterophylla grows on clay, P. spec. Tonala on gypsum. P. spec. Tonala doesn't form large leaves at the beginning of growing period. The shape of flower is quite different. Yves
  9. Hi everbody Finally this one would like to flower this year. Cheers Yves
  10. Hi Sean Thanks for these wonderful pics. Pleased you are back Yves
  11. Hello For the first I have P. calderoniae in flower, extremely flashy colour. Yves
  12. Seems they are doing pretty well. Congrats Urs Yves
  13. Hi More simple, just mix 10 gr of sulfuric acid (37%) with 90 gr of water You will have a 3.7% solution Linuxman : Just be careful you mix volume and weight :-) Yves
  14. Hi Stephan Very impressive as usual Yves
  15. Hi Never try another acid, because sulfuric acid works very well. Don't think acetic acid will work, not strong enough certainly hydrochloric acid will also work. Many seeds can germinate only after having beeing eaten by birds. ( that's why I try with sulfuric acid, it is not as smelly as hydrochloric acid). Yves
  16. Hi Only sulfuric acid, this is the acid which is in car battery so it should be possible to get some at a car mecanic. You must know the concentration (normally around 30% for car battery) to make the right dilution.
  17. Hi Definitely, the best way to get near 100% of germination, even with old seeds is a treatment with a 4% solution of sulfuric acid. Just soak the seeds 24h. in a 4% solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) then rinse with water and sow. Yves
  18. Hi Tuberous D The surface of the soil was 100% sand and completely dry. About 5 to 10 cm under, it was a mix of sand and black "humus" still wet. Yves
  19. Hi Martin I was there mid october, a bit late for tuberous sundews, most of them were already dry but I was just in time for Byblis. Yves
  20. Hello Seems that many CP lovers were down under this year. Some pics from around Eneabba Yves Byblis lamellata D. erythrorhiza subsp. magna D. porrecta D. humilis D. menziesii subsp. thysanosepala Moloch
  21. Hi Stefan Well done !! Hope you can keep them alive during winter. Yves
  22. Hi François I don't know exactly why the flowers had aborted. I suspect the lack of light, plants are in a greenhouse without any artificial light. Fortunately this year, winter was very sunny without any stratus which is normally frequent here in Geneva. Yves
  23. Hi Finally it has flowered this year, after many years with aborted flowers. Yves
  24. Congrats, gorgeous video, first time I can see pamerida metamorphosis !! I don't agree with life cycle. It depends on temperature, in winter it is longer. Young pamerida are really little and nearly invisible. Yves