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  1. I have heard you can grow drosera pretty quick from leaf cuttings...the seeds also grow fairly quickly? Also welcome Francisco!
  2. For those of you who don't know what instagram is, it is an app on the app store and on the Google play store that allows you to share pictures of things on the internet, and I was surprised to find many pictures of carnivorous plants and many people who love them as we do on there. I post many pictures from my collection on there as well as many other people, my username is Mad_Botanist for anyone that looks me up...just type in #carnivorousplants in the search bar and thousands of pictures will come up...along with #sarracenia...#nepenthes and all the rest! Hope to see you on there!
  3. Mad_Botanist


    I already have Sarracenia flowers coming up, my tarnok flower is already fully open.
  4. For some reason, it wouldn't translate for me, but I could understand some of the words due to their similarity with English...also the pics are nice to just looks at ;) Great Job!
  5. Wicked Queen would be cool, but also maybe Morningstar after the medieval weapon? Just my input on this amazing opportunity to help name a new plant.
  6. I was just wondering how you link your growlist to your signature and have it say My Growlist
  7. Yeah, thanks for the explanation,and that may explain why my outside ping is still alive and thriving due to the fact it gets around 6 hours of sun and sometimes goes without water. The unknown ping window is facing the opposite way of the sun and there is a small cover above, so it gets very little sun...and the P. Gigantea is in the computer room with blinds, and I don't want prying eyes looking at the computer to possibly steal while i am away, but i will try to open it when I am at home to maximize growth of the remaining plants in there that have yet to die...Thank you all for helping me find the culprit!
  8. They would generally have water continuously (i only forgot a few times, im sure we apl have at some points) and yes, what i said was in a 24 hour period.
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