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  1. Hi most of the mealys will be in the compost feeding on roots I use a pot drench twice a year of bug clear ultra it’s the one that kills vine weevils as well
  2. These high prices for the new cv’s does make me think about leviathan and what silly money that started at and within a few months what it ended up at when you are dealing with a National Collection, there must be quite a lot of them
  3. Beautiful plant just come on a well known auction site from Cedrics carnivores but the price is already nearly £200 within a few hours.could this one top dunes any bets
  4. I have also used this before with no problem to the plants but you can buy this in concentrated form so you can mix it to a strength of your choice
  5. Thanks everyone lots of information there
  6. Hi thanks for that,in the heatwave I'm using about 50gallons every three days or so and we are not metered here
  7. Hi everyone just wondered if anyone has any info on reverse osmosis makers with regards to which one, price etc as there seems to be so many to choose from and all claiming excellent results
  8. Hi just wondering if anyone as tried bord na mona peat
  9. Hi did you start with the fridge method,if memory serves I think I had to put mine in the fridge to start with to get the correct settings for opener to work,not to popular with the wife though as there are nine on the greenhouse
  10. I have found that when I leave it chunky it seams to overtake a slow growing plant,and also in small bits its easier to mix with other ingredients
  11. Hi everyone just a quick question,because there must be a genius out there that knows of an appliance that will chop fresh damp moss up without it clogging burning out or just looking the same as what it did before you started,please don't say scissors as its too boring and takes to long to get a decent amount and also i prefer it chopped as i think its easier to work with,as it is long strand sphagnum,
  12. I tried the maxsea,seaweed and also the growmore slow release pellets in the compost(only two or three pellets per pot) over the years,and I can't say l really noticed much difference as I didn't Give them any last year and they seem to do just aswell but they all get plenty of flies drawn in to the greenhouse with bait early in the growing season
  13. it does make me think why people bother to do a good turn when they get this hassle and so shines a good deed in a weary world???
  14. Thanks for the info Sheila we all appreciate it,and respect your right to hold back the name
  15. I have had some root in pure sphagnum moss,also works well with sickly plants
  16. So does it take longer to get going than you first thought or are you going to try something different,the reason i asked is because there are a few places near me where the green sphagnum grows,i have picked some of it to put between the rows of plants in the greenhouse,and it does a great job of keeping the water clear,but also grows quite quick probably trying to reach the light,but the places that it grows near me are very shaded and after afew days of picking you would not know that i had had any,as it as grown back
  17. What is the b and q seaweed stuff called and how are you mixing it.
  18. Hi and welcome,some good advise about your nepenthes from Rory and whitefox,the general rule with neps is high humidity, compost damp but not standing in water and bright light but not direct sunlight, hope this helps
  19. Just a though but if we wasn't already in would we want to join now
  20. I keep asking myself if we wasn't already in would we want to join now?
  21. I went to kew last year the neps are in the princess of Wales conservatory,also the sarras and vfts should be this year,none there last year,still worth a visit though
  22. Strange though aweek ago i was asked the same thing a they said know problem