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  1. My guess is that the light-green part is from the plant attempting to grow while in one month of darkness. That tissue is probably very sensitive (esp. to high light). Should be okay if you are growing under lights indoors; just don't put it in high light conditions. Here's one (of many) reputable online acclimatization guides: Congrats on getting an argentii! It's on my bucket (pot?) list! :) Best wishes with it! Aloha, -pt
  2. Not sure the pitchers quite fit, but the form and size of the plant/pitchers might suggest cf. N. gracilis... a possibility? Aloha, -pt
  3. Wondering if anyone knows of (or would be interested in helping me build, e.g., in a Google Doc) a list of the SEXES of named cultivars of Nepenthes? I got the idea because I'm interested to know the sex of Nepenthes 'Gaya': does anyone know this? (I'm surprised at how hard[/impossible] it is to find this info online!) Thanks in advance for any info on Gaya/interest in "the list"! Aloha, Philip T.