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  1. Annette is able to post on CPUK. Cheers Steve
  2. This is a personal response and not on behalf of the Committee. I am sure that we will also have a formal response from the Committee in due course. WITHOUT PREJUDICE To start with I would like to state that I agree with many of the intentions that Annette initially stated as aspects of the CPS that she wanted to review. The website for example does look dated and clunky and really does need a makeover/restart. I have only been on the committee a relatively short while and I hope that everyone who knows me would understand that I have only ever tried to work to the benefit of the Society and members. I certainly don’t have any long standing personal disagreements with anyone. I believe that all and any actions that I have ever taken were within the law and also within the remit of the governing document. I will of course continue to work within remit of the governing document of the Society and will also absolutely respect the written advice of the Charity Commission. I have no concerns about long standing, respected members such as Stephen Morley joining the executive of the Society but conversations with the Charity Commission have raised concerns about how this was done. Personally I am unclear how we have reached this point. However I do want to understand this. Today I have submitted written instructions to start a formal process under UK law to clarify the statements made above by Annette as I have not yet seen any evidence to support these, despite repeated requests. I have no wish to tarnish the reputation of anyone involved but I will pass on the results of this process to the wider membership in due course so that we can have absolute clarity on these issues. Regards, Steve
  3. A huge thank you to Richard for actually getting the forum back online at all! We have been dropped on from a great height by the hosting company and it is good to be back up and running. Cheers Steve
  4. Ok to reply to my own question... I went to https://www.cutplasticsheeting.co.uk/clear-acrylic-sheeting/clear-perspex-acrylic/ I used 4mm (1/6”) clear acrylic (‘Perspex’) all over the greenhouse extension at about £37 per Sq m. Cheers Steve
  5. Hi, i am looking to glaze a small lean-to GH about 5’ high and 8’ long. I am thinking of: * 4mm twinwall polycarbonate for the roof panels. * 3mm acrylic for the sides. has anyone bought either material recently and where was the best price in the UK? Cheers Steve
  6. It is tempting to say that this is because C.follicularis Is an awkward so and so. I see you have fairly deep water in the trays. If this species has been grown 'drier' and then put into water trays I have seen it fail. I would suggest shallower water and deeper pots. It may not be truly dead. Let it dry out a bit and nurture it along and see if you get any growth at the tip of the rosette. A lesson from this is to always take a leaf cutting as a backup when you get a new plant and put them in separate trays.
  7. CephFan

    Lack of Pollen

    Have you had a large number of hover flies on the flowers? I suspect the little beggars eat the pollen.
  8. Palm oil and it's producers are accused of some very sharp practices. There has been evidence reported on R4 of companies paying for great apes to be killed and buried as they are prohibited from disturbing them and it is more convenient if they "are not there". The peat issue is a double edged one. Many of these plants have specifically evolved to grow in peat soils so to some extent it is their natural medium. I have tried peat substitutes and coir but with variable success. i would love to try the fine bark that Tim is trailing but don't want a cubic metre of the stuff. Perhaps the society can buy a bulk order and re-sell it in smaller packs? Cheers Steve
  9. I really do understand Dimitar's feelings about this but as others have said the culprit in this case can be looked up easily enough. Marcel has made it clear why someone might not want to 'name and shame'. The format of the scam is fairly clear and due warning has been given. I don't think there is much more to be said on this so I'm locking the thread and we can move onto more productive things!
  10. Darn! Wilko was cheap. My local garden centre has it for £6-7 for a large bag. Cheers, Steve
  11. Hi, has anyone used Attapulgite or palygorskite cat litter for Cephalotus? Cheers, Steve Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  12. I would not spray them James. I find the spiders delight in spinning silk over them which looks messy. The most that I do to get them back to looking good is to use a soft brush to remove the webs. Cheers, Steve
  13. There are three in this pot and they were looking quite stressed. You can see the remains of the slag in that I piled up around them to keep the humidity high locally. It seems to have worked and they are getting going now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Sorry it has taken so long to update this post! I have taken a couple of shots of some of mine and yes it can take them a while to settle. So long as they had roots going in there is a good chance they'll sprout. This one has a couple in. One died back completely but you can see new leaves emerging now. Cheers Steve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk