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  1. I have a wrr I got As a extera plant in a trade once Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  2. Sarracenia rosea mobile, Al clone p Sorrey for the selfie, itvis all my new iPod takes. This is an older pic of an Oreo sand hill mt. X ucb Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  3. Depends on where you are, for me, it is to late, my first flowers are openening Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  4. Nice, do you have a growlist? Thank you, he is very nice in person
  5. I have been there 2 augusts ago, last january, and i went this january for my birhtday. It is a really nice place for cp's especially sarracenia
  6. Welcome, i am also in California, in Sacroemnto area, how about you?
  7. Ha, i am a cp (manly sarracenia) middle school grower. I am going to highschool next year though, i started when i was in elementary school. What state are you in?
  8. Thanks, i am not that good at spelling the names :)
  9. S. minor var. minr old dock, clone d (mike wang) S. rosea Mobile, Al clone P (mike wang) S. alata stone co red clone (Mike wang) S. purpurea subsp. venosa Tantell, GA (Mike wang, i ordered one large, and got 2 large, one medium, and one smaller one) Plants from California Carnivores, I went their for my birthday: S. alata f. pubesense S. oreophila AL x flava var. autopurpurea S. alata var. rubrithulata Plus i am getting a box from Fred P. later this week, and got a S. purpurea purpurea (mike wang), S. alata maroon Throat, and a S. flava x wilissi tonight from my dad.
  10. I just got it this summer from a trade, i will know for sure when it flowers, Looks to me like it has the same shape of some of the old dock purps in mike's post, but it seems to be a darker red, which could be assumed since it is the middle of winter, i could belive it is a hybrid between 2 different clones. It will hopefully flower this spring, then i will know for sure, it could have been a mislabeling
  11. Well not that exact plant, it is from old dock, in NC, I think it is a f1 hybrid between 2 different old dock clones.
  12. a) rosea mobile Al b)venos tanttall GA c)rosea chipola Fl d) venosa old dock, NC
  13. What will you call these plants? a: b: c: D:
  14. So you are obviosely one of those poeple who seperate plants up. I think they are seperartors and lumpers. For example, the seperators says that S. rubra subsp. jonesii and subsp. alabamensis and var. burkii are all seperate species, while the lumpers say they are all subsp. or varities. It is all a matter of opinion.
  15. Exactly, the same about the flavas. In their southern range (mainely florida), their are very red plants some poeple call var. autopurpurea. To be called that, the plant needs to make red leaves from the start, while some var. rubricorpora have leaves that color up as the leaf ages. The var. description says the autopurpureas are only found in the carolinas. So, the florida plants are completly different plants, with different genes and such, So what do we do with the red plants in florida? Do we call them var. autopurpurea, or something else? It is your OPINION. For all we know, it could be some complicated hybrid like: S. [({minor x leucophylla) x purpurea} x S. purpurea) x S. rosea] x S. rosea making it look just like a regular rosea If you were an amature, and you saw a S. purpurea subsp. purpurea, venosa, var. monta, and rosea side bu side, it seems that subsp. purpurea is most distinct, and montana looks like an intergrade between the to, venosa follows montana, and on some clones, venosa and rosea can look like the same plant