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  1. Hi, I thought it's time I introduce myself. My name's Johan and I'm from around Antwerp, Belgium. I've been cultivating CP's for about 13-14 years now. My first plant, like so many before me, was a Nepenthes x ventrata labeled erronously as N. alata. I didn't have much time for CP growing for a long time but recently (about a year ago) I really started picking up a lot of species and plants. Most of my plants are grown either outside or on my windowsill although I just bought a terrarium for most of my "more demanding" highlanders. I've joined CPUK because terraforums was mostly USA and this made trades difficult, if not impossible. I'm always on the lookout for spectacular intermediate and highland species and hybrids as lowlanders tend to get too cold in my growing space. Especially recently discovered species (preferably seedlings and seeds) really interest me. Good growing everyone! Kind regards, Johan