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  1. Yes yes of course you can try. Maybe it could work
  2. Even for international transactions ? And the problem stay the same, sellers prefer use paypal
  3. Wow ! I love the first two unnamed and the "Basmati" !!! Will you sell them at spring ? I've planned to buy a vft to you but if I could add these three it would be enormous !!
  4. Hello I'm sorry I don't know how it works for Maestro Cards. Sellers say "paypal only" because it's really easy to use. They are sure to receive their money. The buyer benefits of insurance for his order and in plus he doesn't give his card number. Of course you can do a bank transfer outside of Europe but it takes time, you have extra-charge and it's more complicated. For me paypal is the best way to order stuffs
  5. Hi everybody. My name is Alex. I live in in the south of France. I'm cultivating venus fly trap since 3 years and they are definitively my favorite cp's ! I have also some D. Capensis and a Pinguicula Esseriana. I'm glad to finally join this forum and hope we will do a lot a of trade of vft ! Have a nice day
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