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  1. It is a really sad information to know that Plantev doesn't exists anymore ... But I'm glad to see that the collection is not totally lost.
  2. No no there is no virus. All of the plants mentioned are stable.
  3. The "Ginormous" exists only in USA right ? I agree the "SL Seedling" is just wonderful ! Richard is right it is impossible to stop wrighting there are so many venus fly trap wich are incredible !
  4. Personaly I love "Vlnka" (also known as "Giant Clam"), "Jaws Smiley", "Green Wizard" and many others ! "Coquillage" is a great clone, you should have a look to "Alien". It have been discovered by the same guy Guillaume Bily. In fact I love all of the venus fly traps
  5. Je ne me lasserai jamais des voir des photos de tes dionées Dim
  6. I don't know a lot about D. Capensis but for venu fly traps I think that have read that their speed of closing is highly linked to the temperature and the light they receive. Maybe it is the same thing for D. Capensis but honestly I'm not sure that it is really interesting to feed it, their trap are so effective naturally !
  7. Yes Mad we can ! And it gives good results ! A lot of people use this technique to feed small venus fly traps because it can't catch bugs. It helps to have strong plants and a good growing.
  8. Welcome to this wonderful forum !
  9. For me these yellow venus fly traps are really different ! I love them both !
  10. Yes you have extra-charges when you have to change your money, for exemple from euros to pounds.
  11. Welcome to CPUK !!! I have killed my first dionaea too (I was 8 i think)
  12. Welcome Steve ! I'm sorry for your dead carnivorous plants ! Good luck for your new collection !
  13. Toute la force de la french touch ! Du coup j'ai publié le lien de ton article sur le forum de Luc et ça a fait son effet (certains te connaisse déjà)
  14. Maiden your experiment is wonderful ! I have never thaught that a vft could become adult in 6 months ! Congratulations !
  15. Very nice pictures !!! A great present !!!
  16. Merci Vernon ! Content de te retrouver sur un autre forum !
  17. You're welcome ! I hope you will have your seeds quickly !
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