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  1. For the "Red Piranha" it is maybe the "Red Piranha MS" from CZ Plants. The plant looks like a "Red Piranha" but stay small. Probably even smaller than a "Bohemian Garnet". I have one and I have to say that it doesn't present a real interest. I've bought it because I thought it was a normal "Red Piranha" For the "Funnel Trap" you should take others pictures and try to see if the plant makes the very caracteristics traps. The last one seems to be young so I'm not sure. But doesn't looks like a "Red Line". Maybe wait a little that plant grows.
  2. Welcome to CPUK ! Don't worry for the questions just ask them ;)
  3. Astonishing plant ! I love it !
  4. Welcome to CPUK ! And congratulations to your first success !
  5. Great job Mathias ! That's a pretty good news !
  6. Welcome to CPUK !! And yes we are the best !
  7. Loakesy the "Master of Disaster" is a heavily mutated plant. It is unable to catch preys with this kind of traps. As Mobile I'm not fond of this style of vft. But I have to admit that I'm impress because it is the first time that I see a flower hamp on it. I always thought that it was unable to do it.
  8. Hi This vft is beautiful ! But is hard to say what it is. The traps remind me the "Jaws Smiley" but the way of growing is weird. Maybe it is a new clone
  9. Ho you've done it ! Excellent ! I have found it by watching vft pictures. If had knew it was you the author I had contacted you before I used it. Thanks a lot ! I love this picture ! I'm using it as avatar on the others two forums where I am.
  10. Thanks Fnglazz ! But I have no merit I haven't done this picture.
  11. Personally I cut the flowers stalk when it is near of 8cm. The reason is that I'm not interested in flowers and seeds and in plus it exausts the plant. In plus don't throw the stalk because you can try to have plantlets !
  12. Welcome to CPUK ! You're right VFTs are great ! I hope your collection will get bigger !
  13. Nice pictures !! I love the "Super Dentata" !!!
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