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  1. Monster vft !!! I want one !!! Congratulations it is beautiful !!
  2. Don't worry. Vft are really strong !!! Eventually leaves will die and the plant will come back from the rizhome ;)
  3. Nice plant ! These teeth are funny !
  4. Yes you are right. It is a lot easier like that and finally better
  5. Wow that's really impressive !!! Great Work !!! I'm sorry I can only talk about vft because that's what I'm cultivating the most. I think it could easier if the first case was used to indicate "Dionaea Muscipula" (the latin name) et the second (common name) to indicate the cultivar. For the moment cultar names appear with latin name.
  6. Hi Alex ! You will have the biggest list of vft on this page (it also works for the others carnivorous plantes) http://cpphotofinder.com/Dionaea.html After I can make a list with Excel if you want. If I can also make a little suggestion I think that you should use just one way of presentation for the vft. Maybe in the first line just put Dionaea Muscipula and in a second the cultivars names.
  7. Finally I have started my list today and talked about it on an other forum. I hope it will get more people ! If I just can say something many cultivars of vft are missing. Do you want that I send a list to you ? But once again thanks a lot for this great idea !!
  8. Hey hey bienvenue à toi ! Content de te voir débarquer sur le CPUK aussi !
  9. It is a great idea ! I will do it when I will have a little more time.
  10. I've never heard of that ! But it is really cool ! I hope that it is gonna be confirmed ! Thanks Ormus for this observation !
  11. I think that Trev coul be right. It is probably the "Trev's Red Dentate". Don't hesitate to send a picture.
  12. Salut et bienvenue sur le CPUK !
  13. I mean that a "Bohemian Garnet" will always be smaller even adult than a normal form. This impression has been confirmed in the Tim Bailey and Stewart McPherson's book about dionaea.
  14. Welcome to CPUK ! I'm sure you will find all the answers you need here ;)
  15. Not really Werds. "Bohemian Garnet" is a dwarf form and is mostly prostrate. It is nearer of a "Red Piranha" but they stay different.
  16. Wow !!! It's a very nice clone !!! You're lucky !!!
  17. Hi Yes I have ordered one month ago some vft. It is a really good website and the seller is serious. I think that you don't have to worry.
  18. I agree with FlyTrapCare it is the same plants
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