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  1. How about a pic ? Harro
  2. I found a very interesting article in: Die Bromelie 2016(2). This is the magazine of the German Bromelidad Society. Written in German and English. With kind permission this article can be published here.
  3. I got some of the so called Big Boy. But there is a real naughty one. Sometimes he makes a really big pitcher the next one could be normal or even small. That`s the way the ball bounces.
  4. Hallo,

    falls möglich würde ich gerne eine Pflanze kaufen.

    Gruß aus dem Schwarzwald


  5. What is the cover of the substrate ?
  6. Eden Black and one of my Howell Giant in comparison.
  7. Lilacina you are always looking for mistakes member sometimes are doing (will T and others). You are not fawless. Double posting as you did is not nessesary and by the way have you learned to post a picture ?
  8. Stefan Ibbenberger and Joh. Betz are members of the German Soc. (GFP) and well known. So far I know, Stefan Betz got his plants from Fred Howell.
  9. This is my Howell Giant. I got it from Ibenberger. I have another from Betz, but it didn`t have any adult pitchers so far.
  10. If you grew your own shagnum and need some, cut the upper 2-3 cm carefully with a pair of scissors and leaf the rest in the tray. You will see after some time the rest will grew and build new heads.
  11. Hi, some year ago I made an experiment. I put green shagnum in a little tank. Then I layed a pane of glass over a small part. From March till September it was exposed to full sunlight. Here at the south ramp of the Black Forest the sun is very strong. The pic hows what was happened.
  12. I would do it like this: Get off some more leafs or pitchers because the plant need to much energy to keep them all alive. Then get a tray or something alse where you can get a waterlevel up to 3-4 cm high. Put the pot in it and place it in the shadow.
  13. I like to show my Carow plant. The small seedlings are 2 to 3 years old. They are self seeded. No extra subtrate. Harro
  14. Thanks for sowhing the pictures. I never found O. insektifera at such wet place. Here in Germany they grew at dry grassland. Harro
  15. Now flourishing Cephalathera rubra
  16. Hi Mark, I was there in the early sixties and on the F 86 Harro
  17. Hi Mark, so your dad was in the RAF. At Gütersloh there where Whilewind helcopters and some Lightning intersepter. I flew some missions with them. If you ever come to the Black Forest again, be my guest. Cheers Harro
  18. Hi Phil, we have some more species here, but I did`t visit the place where they grew. Sometimes is to far (3 hours drive, but still in the Black Forest) I saw: Epipactis palustris, atrorubens and helleborine (not in flower jet) Cephalanthera rubens not in flower, Limodorum abortivum (only 1 place here in Germany), Listera cordata,Plantanhera biflora. Ophrys apifera. There is a little meadow not far from my hometown I saw 8 Orchis species this year.
  19. Hi Piko, they are hardy. They survive -20°C and more. 2011 we had -23°C.
  20. I like to show you some pictures of orchids that grow in the south part of the Black Forest/Germany. Ophrys holoserica Ophrys insektifera Ophrys sphegodes Himantoglossum hircinum Orchis purpurea Orchis (Anacamtis) pyramidalis Cephalantera longifolia an some Cypripedium calceolus Cephlanthera damasonium / Cephlanthera longifolia Listera ovata Neottia nidus-avis Cypripedium calceolus
  21. Harro

    some cephalotus

    Thanks for sharing. Harro
  22. Harro

    Growing on Rocks

    Did somebody tried Ytong bricks yet ? They are easy to cut and formed.
  23. No I never tried it. But I saw T. usneoides and other bromelidads in the Vernados valley/Mex. survive minus C degrees. Inside of tank bromelidads there was an icecap.