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  1. On ‎2‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 2:09 PM, Harro said:

    I`m growing my sarravenias outside in a bog without any protection . Here in the Black Forest/Germany I had temperatures down to - 15°C. At the moment -11 C. I had no losses due to the low temperatures over the years.



    Now they flower. Part of my bog.


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  2. The best is you start with heads of shagnum. For a tray of 60x40 cm you need about 4 litre of them. Drill 2 holes about 3 cm from the bottom. My tray is outside. The holes prevet that the rain covers all the shagnum. The first time it takes about 2 - 3 month till the moss reaches the top of the tray. Then you can cut it with a scissors. The rest which stays in the tray recovers and it starts all over again. Don`t use any soil only the pure shagnum with rainwater.





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  3. Hi,

    it is hard to say what causes this trouble. I grew Ceph. for many years. In summertime they are in a tray with a steady waterlevel of about 2-3 cm. In the winter I spay them. The substrat  is only wet then.




    My substrat consists of mainly lime free sand of different grain size, perlite and a bit of peat (about 10%) and Seramis. More and more here in Germany using this substrat.



    If I had the problem you have I would repot the plants in a different substrat and use maybe smooties Cups or something else like that. You can see it at the pics.

    Make a hole and bottem and place them in water. From bottem the water gets to the substrat. With the hole in the top you have nough huminity to avoid that even big pitchers get dry or gets rotten.









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  4. In a tray on a window silk with permament waterin during the summer. Much better outside, mayby on  balcony. They love fresh air. The temperture is not so important. They tolerate temperatures from -2° up to +40°C.

  5. Today I saw an offer on Ebay UK which is from Poland. Someone is trying to sell a Fred Howell Giant. The offer picture shows my profil pic from the German Carnivorous Society (GFP). I did not give the permission to publish it. The pic shows a mirror image as you can see on the pics here. The cutting he likes to sell is not from the offer pic. I still have this plant and I did not sell the clone to him. On both picture you can see a small water dot inside the pitcher (yellow circle).




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  6. To my opinion the experiment failt.

    On 21st of Feb.I put in cat litter leaf cuttings with the follwing dates:

    Broke Inlet  14.12.2016 and 17.2.17

    Giant Klaus Keller 22.1.2017

    Yamada`s Giant 9.2.2017

    Donelly River 15.2.2017

    Frenchmans Bay 6.2.17

    None of them shows a root. I`ll put them in shagnum again.

  7. @partisangardener When I start it is really wet. For weeks I don`t fill up with water, so after some time the moss is only humid. If that happens before the leafs get roots I fill up again and it starts all over again.Waterlevel you can see at my last pic. Sometimes it takes month before a root appears. Dudley Watts Clone is one of them. Very, very slow. I tried rooting hormon for many times but to my opinion it doesn`t help.