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  1. here there are some shots of my plants. They look very healthy. The only plant that looks a bit messy is the N. flava that has still not pitchered but i think it's just a question of time, i can see her first trap on her new leaf. do you know why n. lavicola doesn't color its pichers? From some photos i saw that its juvenile pitcher are pretty dark and her fist pitcher as you can see it's pretty dark but the others are totally green. I don't think that the light is the problem since all the other neps show some very nice colours. Another question is how do you find with these kind of pots? i'
  2. Thanks for your help. The plants are growing well and soon all of them will open theirs first pitcher. These plants are nepenthes Aristolochioides and Lavicola. http://imagizer.imag...90/826/iy9z.jpg
  3. Hi I need a piece of advice. In the last two weeks my nepenthes inermis and aristolochioides shown a yellowish color on most of their leaf even if they are producing pitcher. Is that a disease or a deficit? I grow the in a 1:1 mix of perlite and coco fibre. The ec of the runoff is at 0.023. 20/22°C during the day and 6/7°C during the night. Humidity always over 80%.
  4. Thanks for your tips Marcello. I forgot to send you the link to this topic on facebook. I'm the guy you met at the gym in Milan four weeks ago .
  5. I always forget it when i don't use Word
  6. Hi! I'm new in this forum and i'd like to show my highland terrarium. I only have five nepenthes: inermis, aristolochides, lowii, flava and lavicola. I bought them from wistuba six weeks ago and till now they haven't shown any growth stop. I use a mix 1:1 perlite and coco fibre. I washed the coco before using it. Now the runoff water is at 0.02ec I don't need to cool the terrarium at the moment but i built a cooling unit with a dehumidifier and a pc radiator because in summer the temperature reach 30/35°C during the day and i don't want to stress/kill them. The light is a led unit build b
  7. smoop94


    hi i'm an italian cp grower. i grew some of the most common cp when i was young and now i decided to try something different. i got 5 nepenthes highland from wistuba 6 weeks ago and i placed them in a cooled terrarium (i built both the lighting and the cooling units). till now they are doing great and they'll probably pitcher soon. i'll open a new topic in the nepenthes' section of the forum. i'm sorry for my bad english i really hope that writing on this forum will improve my skill .