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  1. And one from last week, and one from today!
  2. Sorry for the delay! I have many updates!
  3. I filmed this about a month ago, but I've had a question in my mind ever since. Since frogs have skin that absorbs water and they can breathe through their skin, how does the digestive fluids in this pitcher not seem to phase the frog? I know he is alive because he's not in there and I still hear him croak when I water the plants in the greenhouse.
  4. I water my carnivores now only with tap water... New greenhouse vlog #21...
  5. Found some frogs in the greenhouse!
  6. Anyone like Paphiopedilums? Here's an update focusing on them... Nope, I just randomly paint pollen on... But I've never actually had two males flowering at the same time as one female IIRC, so I've never had to. Thanks!
  7. You can see two flower stalks (male and female) in this video... It's a tutorial on how to pollinate, but it may be cool to check out the plants too!
  8. Thanks! I updated it after I posted this... Still being worked on, but this is the busiest time of year for me. It'll be running and working 100% by mid to end of June.
  9. I recently created a website,, as a place for carnivorous plant & greenhouse growing resources. It is less than 2 weeks old and still being added to. On the site, there is a resource section (guides, tutorials and care sheets), a videos section and a forum. There will be giveaways in the forum within 40 days, to celebrate 1000 subscribers on my greenhouse YouTube channel. Future plans include more guides than listed currently, regular blog updates on the homepage, a chat, and fun things like carnivorous plant games. The game exists on the site already and can be found by poking around a bit, but it needs to be re-themed and requires major updates. Again, the site is young and will be constantly updated. Something to bookmark and check now and again. The guide page could serve as a good resource, as well as the forum when it grows. The guides are helpful to all experience levels and are aimed at everyone rather than beginners. Any feedback or suggestions would be cool. My goal is to improve the site so it can be easy to use and as helpful as possible to everyone!
  10. Lots of my subscribers asked about pest control, so here's a video about that for anyone interested... The pesticide shown is safe for all carnivores, but I'm not sure about the availability in Europe...
  11. My other carnivorous plants... My coolest Nepenthes in the collection...
  12. Update from last week of whole Nepenthes greenhouse (just and overview of cool stuff)... Nepenthes seedling video, with Nepenthes attenboroughii and various hybrid seedlings...