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  1. XavierG

    ID Pinguicula

    Thank you for your answer Jim. Can you explain me why the first picture isn't P. "Weser"? She has a white streak and veins is dark in central flower. To compare: http://jimfoxy.co.uk/sethos_weser.html http://www.insektenfang.com/ipforum/topic/124-ippm15-ippm16-pinguicula-weser/ You have a better experience than me and if it is not P. "Weser", how to name: P. "Hybrid" as the sarracenia of garden centre? Thank you
  2. XavierG

    ID Pinguicula

    Hello! The first picture represent the same flower that my fisrt post. She's ripe. The second picture is my P. "Sethos" Could this be P. "Weser"? Regards ;)
  3. XavierG

    ID Pinguicula

    I bought this pinguicula "tempa" at the same time that this new hybrid. I don't think this hybrid is tempa (http://carnisana.pl/files/products/tempa.jpg => this picture represent tempa). Thank you for your answer !
  4. XavierG

    ID Pinguicula

    Hello! I bought recently in garden centre this Pinguicula but i don't know her name. Could you help me ? Regards
  5. Hi all! My name is Xavier and i'm living in Bordeaux! I'm 27 years old this Sunday. My collection of carnivorous plants is recently because i'm collecting these plants for 2 years. I have a terraria with a few bladderworts but i have too sundews, butterworts, pitcher plants and venus flytrap. Regards.