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  1. Welcome ! Greetz from another belgian grower here ( van Mol - Geel ) Verstuurd vanaf mijn HTC Sensation Z710e met Tapatalk
  2. Hi all, I'm from belgium, and would like to start mixing up some potting media for my little ping's, instead of using the default CP mixture.(50:50 peat/perlite) can some Belgian growers tell me where to get some vermiculte? And where to get some suitable sand to use in the mixture? I don't know anything about sand . these stores are near my place: Hubo, gamma, hobbyland, Pelckmans(garden center), mertens (garden center),... Thx in advance you guys !
  3. awesome plants ! will order from you soon maybe a quick question: can I grow seeds right now (being november and all..) or do I better wait till May - march ?
  4. DavDef

    ID a Ping

    thank you for the fast reply gardenofeden ! I made a google search to the " Pinguicula agnata" and ended up with the pinguicula agnata 'true blue' coming close to my pictures (visually ). I made this topic just in order to give the Ping the proper care (and to Identify it off course :) )
  5. DavDef

    possible Ping

    unknown plants that have to be ID'd
  6. DavDef

    ID a Ping

    Hi folks ! I'm new here, and got allot of reading to do , BUT I have a question already. recently I bought myself a Ping ( I think :s ) but there was no name tag or what so ever on the container of the ping. So I don't know what it is exactly, could you guys help me ?! here are some pictures ( if they are not clear or what so ever, don't hesitate to say so !): Link1 Link2 thx in advance guys !! David