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  1. It is either vermiculite or a peat pot. I washed quartz sand with distilled water, he could not so affect the readings of the device.
  2. It's good. However, I do not understand how such indicators turned out.
  3. Hello everybody. Today I was going to sow the seeds of drosophyllum in a mix of sand, perlite and vermiculite. I poured this mixture into peat pots and put them in a bowl of rainwater. It took several hours and I decided to measure the ppm of water in a bowl with pots. The device showed 61 ppm !!! So it should be? Or pots of peat are bad?
  4. Sarracenia x Vogel Sarracenia x Vogel by hartmeyerorum888, on Flickr Spider into the sarracenia by hartmeyerorum888, on Flickr Sarracenia Flava Sarracenia flava by hartmeyerorum888, on Flickr Sarracenia flava by hartmeyerorum888, on Flickr
  5. Wonderful plants! What mixture do you use for pinguicula? Only sand?
  6. I light them with LEDs. They also stood on the south window all summer.
  7. Hi everyone. I have some question about my drosera filiformis red seedlings. I bought seeds of this drosera as seeds of Drosera Filiformis Red. At first they were very red, but then it became just green with red tentacles. I began to doubt that I actually have that plant and i think that they are simple Drosera filiformis with dormancy period. Now they are looking like this. I think they started forming a hibernacula. What do you think about this?
  8. Carnivor

    silica sand?

    Thank you all for your help :)
  9. Carnivor

    silica sand?

    This sand for pool filter suitable for CP's?
  10. Maybe somebody knows where to buy high-quality low-cost LEDs for assembling the lamp)?
  11. Hi. Do you send gemmae in Belarus?

  12. I live in Belarus, but my relatives will come in spain. I wanted to ask them to buy carnivorous plants there. So I asked about online shopping in Spain. I think the delivery plant in Belarus will be expensive.
  13. Does anyone know the online store of carnivorous plants in Spain?
  14. This photos of plants from which they sent me the seeds: (the photo are not mine)
  15. Only "Black Heath" self-pollination of binatas?
  16. I have a drosera binata f. multifida from have grown her from seeds. I know that multifida doesn't give seeds by self-pollination, but Mine give seeds by self-pollination. They are grown from seeds. This is not multifida? What is the sundew?? P.S. I didn't know English well :)
  17. Carnivor

    growing point

    why my drosera the second time point of growth starts to blacken? with which it can be connected? can have someone else is it? Photo lay out later!
  18. Carnivor


    southern window will be enough for germination sundews in winter and spring? I'm sorry if my english is not perfect!