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  1. We are working on a special weekend for the lover of WHOLESALE offers. Every Sarracenia, Drosera, Dionaea, Nepenthes available in the following format: 10X 30X 100X Will have a special price only during the next weekend (Saturday + Sunday) Stay Tuned at http://www.diflora.it/categoria-prodotto/carnivore-a-radice-nuda/ Valerio
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Valerio from Diflora. I would like to share with you our pdf list of Dionaea muscipula available for wholesale. We have a lot of summer offer guaranting 1 day express shipping :) Feel free to contact us for any details. Dionaea muscipula wholesale list 0720.pdf Thank you :) Valerio Valerio
  3. Also this year Dionaea Periscope begins immediately to show its main feature Valerio
  4. Here some pics of one of our Dionaea selection from Cupped x microdent cross: Dionaea periscope Your feedback will be much appreciated :) Character: 1- short teeth 2 - twisted trap, not perfectly aligned with petiole, some more some less 3- an incredible thick red line oustide the trap!! Valerio
  5. I Have a lot of them for sale or exchange in sterile condition