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  1. Hi! Sorry for the (very) late reply, life has been a bit hectic around here. :) I see. I'll be keeping my plants on a windowsill with the rest probably, although I do have a 'terrarium' in the makings.. For now it's just an aquarium with some plants in it (d.capensis and a n.hookeriana) that is situated behind a windowsill on a desk. You are correct about the winters in Norway, it is quite dark here for some months.. So I will probably look into making the aquarium into a proper terrarium, with proper lights and all. Wouldn't have the first clue as to what kinds of lights I'd have to get, or how to mount the damn things though. A _lot_ of information on the subject online, and everyone seems to have differing opinions. Anyhow, my new plants have arrived! They looked absolutely beautiful when I first got them, with several open pitchers each. I'm very pleased with Wistuba in that regard, the plants were healthy and growing, and everything was packaged very nicely. Like an idiot, I didn't really acclimatize the plants before potting them - I simply made some potting mix and stuck them in pots - and left them on the windowsill with everything else for a few days - until I realized that I probably should leave them in the shade for some days to let them get used to seeing light again. Anyhow, and not surprisingly, all the pitchers died off..Live and learn, I guess! If I order more plants, I'll make sure to be more gentle in the transitioning from transport packaging to windowsill (or terrarium..?) conditions.The plants seem to have handled my brutal treatment fairly well though - they are all putting out new leaves, and it looks like they are slowly starting to consider pitchering as well! Lucky for me that I chose to buy from Wistuba really - because if the plants hadn't been top notch, I suspect I might have killed them all the way I treated them. As you can imagine, the plants aren't much to look at at the moment, but I'll make sure to take some pictures when (..if?) they put out some pitchers. :) If anyone wants to see the poor things as they are now, I can be persuaded into taking some photos though. This summer has been very hot here in Norway, and so I've moved my venus flytrap and my largest plant, the ventrata, outside. They've both been sitting outside in full sun, through rain and wind, and seem to be enjoying themselves. I never imagined that the ventrata would catch as many bugs as it has though - there are 4-5 big pitchers on the plant at the moment, and they're all full of wasps, ants, spiders .. you get the picture. The young "alata" (...or ventrata, time will tell!) is also doing great, and has put out some great looking pitchers during the last month or so. I quite like this young plant, wether it's an alata or a ventrata. It's small in height, but it's putting out new leaves like crazy without the stem growing much at all - and it's pitchering like nobody's business. Got to love it. As I mentioned, I stuffed the hookeriana inside the 'terrarium' (aquarium). I keep the humidity in there really high, and the temperatures are also often quite high in there. (25+ celsius now at summer time. Will be closer to 20~ C in winter. I just shoved the hookeriana in there as an experiment more than anything really, since it hadn't been doing anything for a while. Now it's finally starting to pitcher, although I'm almost hesitant to call it that - as the pitchers are *TINY*, even for such a small plant. It almost looks comical. I'm glad it's doing something, but I'm not sure if it's better to keep it in the aquarium or just let it sit with the other plants on the sill. I figured the high humidity (60-70%) would do it good, and from what I'm seeing it HAS done something - but I'm just not sure if it would have done even better on the windowsill.. Hrm. I should probably invest in another hygrometer so I can see what sort of humidity the other plants are experiencing. Phew! This post turned out to be longer than I had planned. Keep in mind that I'm still a beginner at this hobby, so there's no need to tell me I've been an idiot for not being more gentle to the plants or such, I'm already well aware
  2. Which conditions do you grow it under then? Temperature, humidity, light? =)
  3. I'll probably ask some more dumb questions when I receive the plants, complete with pictures of the lot In other news, this relatively new fascination with CPs has led me to buy a small used aquarium. I'll use the aquarium to grow my VFT and drosera, and possibly some of the smaller nep plants during winter. Who knows, maybe I can somehow trick my x hookeriana into putting out some bigger pitchers in a terrarium? :)
  4. Ooh, that's a pretty plant! =) What conditions do you grow it in?
  5. I suppose I'd better start a new topic, as this really has nothing to do with identifying anything. Well, I went ahead and ordered two more plants from Wistuba; N. maxima and N. faizaliana. The maxima is supposedly an easy intermediate variety, and the faizaliana is described as being an easy highlander. I took his word for it. What do you guys think about these species? =)
  6. Well, the next leaves on my plant definitely got bigger when I repotted it.. But then again I repotted it the same day I bought it, so it could be a number of things causing that. I wouldn't know if nepenthes in general will die from fertilizing, but I don't really think it would. From my perspective, it looks like nepenthes grows in all sorts of places where decaying organic matter is all over the place. Those plants thrive - so why would it stop pitchering if it's given a little bit of fertilizer? Anyhow, if my ventrata was going to die from the potting soil it sits in, it would probably have done so already - and so I'm not really in a huge rush to repot it out of fertilizer fear. The soil has become quite compact though, and that is more of a concern. Even if it's a lowly gardencentre nep hybrid, I do like the plant, so I will make an effort to repot it pretty soon. The plant has survived being overwatered, underwatered, planted in potting soil - not to mention I've watered it with tap water since I got it. No worries there though, the water here is quite low ppm. (I water D.capensis, a pingicula and a VFT, as well as my hookeriana with it as well, and nothing's died so far anyhow)
  7. Okay, good stuff! By the way guys, I have a confession to make. When I first bought my n. x ventrata I hadn't really bothered reading up on these plants at all. The plant looked too big for its container, so I decided to repot it. And this is where my confession gets embarassing. You know how every single website that contains information about nepenthes tells you NOT to _EVER_ pot nepenthes it in fertilized potting soil? Guess what I did! I potted the poor thing in potting soil. And it still sits in potting soil 0=) I didn't remove the soil the plant came in, simply filled a pot with potting soil and stuffed the plant in there. By now you're probably thinking of ways to express what a slobbering idiot I am, but hold on and keep reading! Strange thing is that the plant still lives. In fact it's grown at least 15cm or so in the time I've had it, which I guess is getting close to 8 months or so now. It didn't put out any new pitchers in wintertime, but I'm pretty sure that's just a matter of the plant not getting enough light / humidity. Norway is quite dark in wintertime, at least where I live, and the room the plant is in might be a tad (or four) on the dry side at winter. Anwyays, back to the present. The plant looks just fine, and has begun a pitchering spree. There's at least 4 new pitchers forming, and the leaves have just been getting bigger while I've had the plant. I guess this plant may be a freak of nature, since it hasn't keeled over and died yet, but anyways. When I get the n.fusca I will repot the poor ventrata as well. The soil it's in is quite dense and compact, and I don't think it'll be fine in that sort of soil in the long run. It might even grow faster in new and more appropriate soil, although I must say that I think it's growing plenty fast as it is So there, that's my horrible sin. I have no explanation as to why the plant isn't dead, but I'm just going to assume that this plant is the honeybadger of the plant world. It just does not give a truck. I'll make it up to it though, I swear. Maybe this will be a formative experience in the life of the young plant? Anyways, time to end this wall of text - I'm pretty much just rambling by now. Working on my bachelor's thesis has driven me somewhat insane. I'll end the post with a couple of pictures of the poor, mistreated and abused plant. Pic #1: 3 pitchers that are forming, Pic #2:the jump in leaf size when I got it and stuffed it in poison:
  8. Hmm, I didn't really consider petstores. I should probably go to a petstore and see if they have some of the stuff. I guess people might use it for ..tarantulas and lizards and such? :) @19Silverman93: How about a 1:3 split; orchid bark/peat/perlite?
  9. ah, I see :) Well, I know there's supposedly tons of sphagnum in forests all around Norway - probably some close to here as well. Maybe I could grab a fist full when noone's looking and grow a bunch of it myself Other than that, I don't know. I guess I could use a mix consisting of orchid bark, perlite and peat. Think that would do?
  10. What do you pot your plants in then? I see most 'guides' and such praising live sphagnum / milled sphagnum as if it's some sort of religion!
  11. Ah, okay =) Well, I suppose that might work, but I'd think the extra shipping costs would far outweigh whatever price difference there is between wistuba and carnisana anyway. Would make for an interesting experiment though! I'll try ordering a Fusca from wistuba, and maybe something else while I'm at it :) Any other suggestions? Btw thanks again for helping me out here, appreciate it =) EDIT: Ordered a fusca from Wistuba! A shame they didn't have sphagnum at the moment, as I'm unsure where I can buy sphagnum in Norway. Garden centres don't seem to sell the stuff! :/ They do sell regular peat though.. x_x
  12. Thanks for the tips guys! I live in Norway though, and we're not a part of EU. Does that mean that I could get into trouble by ordering neps here? Edit: Searched around a bit and found out the following: - all living plants imported to Norway have to come with a phytosanitary certificate. - Artificially bred CITES plant species, orchids among others, can be imported from the following countries without a CITES permit (but with a phytosanitary certificate): Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore and South Korea. I'm quite surprised that the UK isn't on the list of countries where the phytosanitary cert. is enough documentation. I'm not quite sure how CITES works, but as far as I know with my google-based knowledge, all Nepenthes species are on the CITES list(?). I guess this means that I will have to order from one of these countries in order to avoid headaches.. x) I guess that leaves that polish site out of the question. Don't seem to find any information regarding where is located on their site, but googling around it seems they're located in czech. I guess that leaves me with few options as to where to order from, but I think maybe Wistuba could be an option?
  13. I'll look into those, thanks! I don't think it's a great idea for me to spend much on nepenthes atm, since I'm still very much a beginner. Fusca does look nice from the pictures I've seen - might consider ordering one of those :)
  14. Hehe! Well, I'll do my best to keep you updated on how the plant looks in the months to come! =) If it's a ventrata I suspect it'll grow like crazy on my windowsill like the larger one I already have does! Thanks for being patient with me btw, I do appreciate it. On a completely unrelated topic: I'm considering aquiring another nep for my windowsill of horrors, and I was wondering if there are any more exotic looking species that could be grown on a sill? Would like something that looks different from the ventrata (and "alata") :)
  15. I was just being sarcastic mate. Reason I asked for an elaboration was that you perhaps saw something which I didn't =p I'm sure you get a ton of these silly "identify my ventrata" threads on this forum, and I'm sorry to be yet another newbie bothering you guys with my questions. That being said, here's another silly question: What is the difference between an alata and a ventrata? How do you tell the two apart? EDIT: Judging by this photo from borneo exotics, the ventrata seems to be hairy whereas the ventrata (at least the one in my posession!) is not. If I'm not mistaken, the alatas pitchers seems less 'pot bellied' as well. Additionally, the opening of the pitcher seems different than the ventrata. Bleh, this is confusing stuff!