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  1. Hi dears ... please ... Who can help me?! I need specific informations about U. Nephrophylla , on cultivation techniques , exposition , soil mixture, temperature etc etc ... please ... :) Thanks so much ! SaraSbraund
  2. Hi guys , It's a pleasure to be added at this forum! :) What's about me ... ehm ... I'm a italian girl that try to grow properly a lot of plants but those that concern in this venue (it's a right word!? I don't know ... sorry if isn't ) are the my " more or less" recent passion" to the carnivorous plants , but I also love the cacti and more kinds of plants! Finally I can say the my favorites are the nepenthes and dionaea ... but really I must know closely every genus for to chose a favourite(If I would can chose :) ) ... to now I have some cultivars and clones to dionaea , sarracenia , drosera, aaaaand one pinguicula ! I hope to increasing my lovely collection! XD Ok ok I close .. ;) "Read" you soon ... PS: Sorry for my wavering english!