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  1. Thanks Mujinamo I'm just worried about his sudden death because I've heard references about sudden death of leptoplectra that cultivated over 1 year Best regards
  2. my U.leptoplectra seeds are germinate several weeks ago. I don't know it can grows as perennial. Is leptoplectra perennial or annual? Best regards
  3. I think that you shouldn't sow seeds on growing sphagnum... it will disturb growing of little Utrics you should sow seeds on peat mix and displace to living sphagnum when they are grown in some degree.
  4. Yesterday I got it as a present. ^o^
  5. using LFS and living sphagnum and put on the window sill
  6. last night I dropped a pot that planted alpina lol
  7. definitely u.subulata likes strong sunshine but my caerula is to
  8. good luck!!!! you won't fail to see many of flowers
  9. nice flower!! mine isn't show it... TㅅT
  10. really stunning !!!!! they are the best Aldrovanda I've ever seen
  11. peat:sand:perlite=2:1:1 is my receipe but you can use peat and perl Best regards S.Y.P
  12. you will be able to see many of the flowers