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  1. Yes, I know they have different requirements. But I have read that a lot of people have succeeded in germinating this seeds in lowland conditions, and only after germination worrying about specific conditions. But maybe this is a mistake Right know I have temperatures of 26 Cº at day, and 20 Cº at night, and an humidity between 50% and 70%. Longterm, I hope to keep the helis in there, and maybe some cobras. Sarras are going outside, also most of the nepenthes. I'm not sure what to do with cephs yet... Here spring is just starting, and it can get to 35 Cº in summer. Also, regarding stratific
  2. Thanks for your answers. Right now I'm installing a 2 fluorescent bulb reflector, each bulb of 20w. This gives a lot of light. I'm gonna upload a photo later. I was worried about fungal infection also, I wanted to raise humidity for a couple of days hoping it to help jumpstart germination and open them later on. I think I'm gonna open them now. Also I couldn't find a fan yet but I'm planning of installing one. I was worried about the drainage also. I was taking care of kepping then just moist, without water at the bottom. Should I take them out and put them in a more conventional germinat
  3. I know I might have asked a rather long or complicated question, or that it might be better placed in the propagation section... either way I got the cephalothus and heliamphora seeds today, and I'm gonna show you where things are standing right now. So, I took some yoghurt bottles and put inside them about 3cm of mini-LECA at the bottom, then another 2 to 3cm of dead sphagnum moss (I can't get it alive here, although I'm succeding in growing some from the dead fibers). I treated it with an antifungal, and also, before doing this, I microwaved the LECA and the glass bottles. I put a seed in e
  4. Hello, this is my first post in this forum, and one of the main reasons I join rather than just stalk all your old answers. I've some experience with carnivorous plants and plants in general, also in bonsai, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that I actually know what I'm doing. And I've none whatsoever with terrariums and artificial lighting. I recently got re-interested in carnivorous plants strongly, and the only way to get plants where I live, with a few exceptions, is by ordering them online. Like living plants have hard regulations and even quarantines times here, I ordered seeds onli
  5. Hello everybody, I'm Rodrigo (though I rather you call me Atu, it's my nickname), from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I first got interested with CP in 2006, and I used to participate in another forum in spanish. Well, I was 16 at the time and things move fast at that age (except plants, which even then take their time) so I forgot about my collection until they died, although they lived for years. I got re-interested this year. CPs here aren't easy to find, so I just bought a sarracenia hybrid at the only shop I know that sells them and ordered a bunch of seeds online. Soon I'm gonna start a t
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