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  1. Hi, Are these in cultivation yet? greetings, Tim
  2. pim

    Pollinating U. jamesoniana

    Thanks, We'll use the TF-thread then.
  3. Hi all, I can get my U. jamesoniana to flower consistently, so I would like to try to pollinate them. But it seems that there is not a lot of info on that subject to be found... Any suggestions, information, tips and whatnot is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Tim
  4. Hi, Recently I moved a large number of my plants into a grow tent on my basement. Most of them Heliamphora's, Drosera's and Utricularia's. Most of them have been growing quite nicely outside during summer (partly shaded during the brightest parts of the day), others were in a non-heated mini-terrarium. So, about a month ago they were transported into the basement for the obvious reasons of having a constant drop in the temperatures during the night, when the lights are off. The grow tent has 4 x 24W T5HO lights (2 x 865, 2 x 840), about 50 or 60 cm above the substrate. This also gives a rise in temperatures to about 26°C, with a drop in during the night to 16°-17°C, during summer, a bit lower during winter. Humidity is not measured, but really high. Most plants are colouring like crazy. The drosera's are red-maroon, with lots of dew. The Heliamphora's aren't complaining either. The Utricularia's however, are wilting (quelchii, jamesoniana, reniformis, campbelliana). I allready moved the U. longifolia in the least brightest part of the tent, because the leaves were yellowing en drying at the ends. Since then the longifolia is looking better, but it's the other ones that really concern me. Are the T5HO's too powerful? (I used these above aquaria, which generaly use more powerful lighting) or are the plants just getting used to different conditions? Thanks in advance!
  5. Marc, I think you're right about the UV, since most of our plants don't experience any real sun light (my plants are also located in our basement, as dictated by my girlfriend...). but I have yet to find LED panels with UV-diodes and with an interesting wavelength distribution.
  6. I was wondering whether one LED panel is enough for a tank of your size? I have a similar sized tank (1m) and am looking to change my lighting to an LED panel (http://www.ebay.com/itm/301074878083), but I doubt that it would be sufficient. Anyhow, you have an amazing collection of Heliamphoras and Nepenthes!