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  1. I found only one seller good, the other sellers don`t have peat moss.
  2. It`s very hard to find here . I just hope they do not die
  3. I found clover It`s good?experiences about this?
  4. thanks so much! over Klasmann that brands are?
  5. If you can not find it , I think to buy from ebay the U -grow coco xl . What do you think?
  6. where is your local garden? I found this: What do you think ?
  7. I am at Cambridge, I found only perlite but not peat.
  8. I moved to the UK recently, where you find the peat moss?
  9. Thank you to everybody. I hope to improve my english.
  10. Hi! My name is Luca. I'm italian. I speak a bit of English. I grow up carnivorous plants from 2010.