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  1. The seeds came from the Kinabalu, that's sure. I know the grower who has sown them well, he is trust worthy. But if the second parent is not N. veitchii, I would like to know what species it is. Could be interesting in admitting that the plant is not a pure N. lowii of course.
  2. Thanks all for your replies. Actually I could be a bit disappointed if this plant is not a pure N. lowii but after all N. lowii x veitchii is not bad either.
  3. Hi everyone, I currently have in my collection a young plant grown from wild Nepenthes lowii seeds harvested on the Kinabalu. It grows pretty well with my other highlanders, maybe too quickly for a N. lowii, but... Do you think it looks like a pure N. lowii ? I find it very hairy, looks quite similar to something like N. lowii x veitchii or else. What's your opinion ?
  4. Hi, The same thing. I don't know him personnally and I don't want to. But he's a really bad person, he talks with a rude langage on this forum and is very disrespectful. If you want some examples, see topics on the Dionaea section. I want to say that such people don't have their place on the CPUK. If you tell him something he doesn't like, he'll send you a very nice private message with all his love. That proves he is a devious and perverse person. Traduction : Mind your own business and your forum instead of looking for trouble.
  5. Hi, Some pics of my lowland setup. I hope you'll enjoy them. :) Nepenthes campanulata Nepenthes pervillei It caused me many problems since I have it... So I hope that its last leaf jump is a good thing. Nepenthes northiana Nepenthes bicalcarata Sri Aman Nepenthes clipeata AW clone 2 Nepenthes "Briggsiana" Nepenthes adnata Nepenthes sumatrana, can't wait to see true lowers and no more these very boring rosette pitchers... Nepenthes treubiana Nepenthes vieillardii Nepenthes bellii Not a Nepenthes but a nice Heliamphora ciliata.
  6. Kiwano


    + 1 If you don't like criticism, just go away. ;)
  7. Kiwano

    just a few pics

    Aw, your N. villosa is simply stunning !
  8. Very nice setup. You will see, Nepenthes bicalcarata becomes very big when the growing conditions are good. Mine is thriving, I should buy a new terrarium ! lol
  9. Hi ! All depends of the kind of plants you want... Lowland or highland ?
  10. Hi, looks like a young Nepenthes x ventrata for me. :)
  11. Very nice. Alain Kern is a good seller, his plants are healthy and always satisfying. I already ordered on his website and I never was disappointed.
  12. Hi everybody, One of my friends has an Utricularia which is appeared spontaneously in his sphagnum and he doesn't know what specie this plant can be... I thought to something like U. nephrophylla, U. reniformis or a young U. nelumbifolia but nothing sure. Have ou an idea ?
  13. That is what I thought, but I don't need many things to have a doubt... So an advice from this forum is the best thing to be sure I guess.
  14. Ah you reassure me ! So the plant that I have it's surely the true specie. Thank you very much. :)
  15. Hi, I'm not sure, but I think I still have problems with hybrids... If you can help me I will be grateful. I obtained a Nepenthes sumatrana from Wistuba there are maybe three or four months. However on Facebook somebody tells me (again) it can be a hybrid because the peristome is not as striped as expected. What do you think ? Please tell me it's not a hybrid or I... Drown myself in a pitcher.
  16. Hi, Yes it's a very ugly setup, I must confess it and I don't want to hide this point. I would make an installation more... Professional and interesting. However I don't have what I need for that. As I only have one highlander, for the moment I think it's ok. But in the future I will have to find another way to grow the plant. In all cases, your advices reinforce me : it's visibly possible to grow N. lowii with these conditions.
  17. Hi everybody, Until now, I only cultivated lowland species. However I would try a highlander. In this purpose, I keep a young Nepenthes lowii from Wistuba received last week in a small fridge. The plant is in pure sphagnum, inside a small plastic container kept closed by cellophane. Because of that, I must open the container to change the air sometimes. All is placed under a light (Exo Terra Tropical Glo 5.0), not too much strong to avoid to burn the plant. 13,1°C at night... Seems to be good. During the day, I have approximately 28°C. What do you think about this ugly installation ?
  18. You have also Nepenthes campanulata which is quite small and doesn't climb.
  19. Very nice pictures ! All these plants are in the same setup ?
  20. Yes, that sounds very good. Your greenhouse is a pure dream. :)
  21. I keep mine in my lowland setup and it grows well... However I only have juvenile pitchers for the moment. And yes, strangely your plant seems to be particular for a N. sibuyanensis. Its pitchers are quite long.
  22. Very nice plants, congrats ! :) I'm impressed by your Drosera collection, even if your Nepenthes are amazing too.
  23. WOWOWOW ! Amazing greenhouse, I'm jealous ! It's a very good job you've done here, I'm impressed.