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  1. BiologNo1

    Nepenthes veitchii advice

    I have 2 small seedlings of N. veitchii highland form. For now I keep them in my lowlend terr. The are 3 cm wide. Do I let them bee for some time there ( 6 months or a whole year) or do I need to begin bringing them out side the terrarium since I wont to grow them at the window near my Vanilla planifolia plant? How long should I wait? They are in the coolest part of the terrarium from December 2017. Regards, Stefan
  2. BiologNo1

    My Roridula gorgonias

    Hi, I have a question. I have some frees seeds from Roridula gorgonias, and do I need to do something before I sow them like stratification or.... ? And How much do they need to germinate ?
  3. BiologNo1

    Nepenthes ventricosa hibrid

    WOW they look great :) I cant wait for it to grow :)
  4. BiologNo1

    Nepenthes ventricosa hibrid

    Do you have some idea what it could be beside Rebbeca shoper ?
  5. BiologNo1

    Nepenthes ventricosa hibrid

    Thanks guys :) I was hoping that it was something more exotic, but still great plant :)
  6. BiologNo1

    Nepenthes ventricosa hibrid

    Does somebody know what hibrid is this? I know that is a ventricosa but not the other plant.... Regards, Stefan
  7. BiologNo1

    Nepenthes adnata photos on this link :)
  8. BiologNo1

    Nepenthes adnata

    Looking for some lowland species pollen ? Have a female N. adnata in flower... pm me if you have some polen :) 50/50 seed split :)
  9. BiologNo1

    flowering problem ?

    ok, but it is in terarium lowland and has 16 h light and 28 C day temp. thanks for the advices bouh of you, I hope it will flower soon :) I will try to add aditional light bulb on her :)
  10. BiologNo1

    flowering problem ?

    I hope it is not subulata beacouse I have a seedling... but I dont like to kill plants and do not recognise weed as a bad category... I'am not growing potatos...
  11. BiologNo1

    flowering problem ?

    I dont know the species beacous I accidentally got her :)
  12. BiologNo1

    flowering problem ?

    Hi, I have some terestrial utricularia sp. and it started to put on some flower buds, but they are not opening, why? It is puting on new buds, but it is not opening not one of them, do they open in same time or what? It is doing this for a month or more... Regards, Stefan
  13. BiologNo1

    Darlingtonia seed

    Thanks a lot :) it is now 3 and a half weeks so it is time to take them out :)
  14. BiologNo1

    Darlingtonia seed

    Thanks :) Does the seed have some changes when stratification is over or I just decie when to take them out of the fridge?
  15. BiologNo1

    Darlingtonia seed

    How long does the darlingtonia seed need to be at cool temperatures, so it could germinate ?