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  1. Thanx for replying! I'm a complete noob regarding seed propagation Do they need to be pollinated somehow or do they self-pollinate?
  2. dzadzabing

    Orchid ID

    Got this unlabeled at some store for cheap. So now I'm wondering what it actually is Thanx for any input! :)
  3. I've been caring for this plant around two years now, and this is the first time I've seen these. I wasn't sure what they were at first but now I think those are actually flower buds! :) So do I just cut them like with dionaea? I know flowering consumes much of the plants energy. Like when I left a flower stalk on my drosera and later it died! Luckily for me I didn't throw it away, so it startet growing again :)
  4. Update, pitcher has opened! Any ideas now, or need more time? BTW- I had some trouble with the first plant (OP), "Rebecca Soper". It's supposed to be an relatively easy plant to grow, but mine hasn't been doing so well (the Rebecca S. plants in the pics, are from my GF, but I maintain them most of the time). They looked so miserable, I thought they're it. So I tried something new lately. I slightly fertilized one plant and "watered" the other with coffee, so I could see what works and what doesn't. So far both plants got some color and new growth! The plant in this post has also been "watered" with a little coffee....
  5. Hello :) New here. Hope this forum isn't as dead as a few others I'm somewhat in a doubt. This Nepenthes was sold under "Rebecca Soper". But when looking at the images on the net, R. Soper has rather dark pitchers, unlike the one this plant has produced? The pitcher in the pic is almost 1 month old. I thought it'll change over time to a darker color. Can I get a confirmation on R. Soper? Or else what species could this be? BTW- I could also use some help on identifying this plant below. I bought it in a carnivorous mix without a specific name. At least it would be nice to know if it's a high or lowland so I now how to treat the plant. Thank you very much