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  1. hello, the plant is beautiful but I do not see what she special? it's just a red dentate there are not bad with this carractéristique (trev dentate red, red shark teeth, clonef12 not counting all the other clones and hybrids ...) I think its pointless to assign this plant! Just add a name on a list ... One more resembling many others .. you agree with me or not? (sorry Google traductor)
  2. Hi, this is someone who will belong to this photo? :http://upload.wikime...s_Hennern_3.jpg thank's
  3. Hi, this is someone who will belong to this photo? :http://upload.wikime...s_Hennern_3.jpg thank's
  4. This is beautiful congratulations.
  5. And or not have asked him through it saves? (look at your email)
  6. Hi ,Stephen why not registered plant Julie Jones ? Its not user adjust some problems ? Luc
  7. It is a beautiful clone, but it makes me very thought of a mirror with good exposure right?
  8. luc

    cephs,just for fun

    This is a beautiful clone, you cultivate in a terrarium or greenhouse?
  9. luc

    cephs,just for fun

    You have beautiful Cephalotus ! But mike brooks is a new clone?
  10. luc

    Dionaea 'red pablo'

    Hello Barba great pictures . ;)