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  1. All those endless hours of care and attention rewarded. Well, not really. Repotted vft's in spring and they were left outside all summer to fend for themselves. Not much of a summer here this year either. Very wet. The plant in the photo is a "Darwin". Thanks Hannah for running the competition and well done Matze. Yes, next year we need one 5+. Kind regards, RickyM
  2. Hi Richard and welcome to the forum. Your tub looks great but I would be a bit concerned about the plant on the left - it looks like a Nepenthes x ventrata and will not be very happy outside in this country! I keep my Nepenthes in a cold greenhouse with lots of shading as they can easily burn in the sun. In winter it will need to be brought inside. Would need compost specifically for Nepenthes as well. Other plants should be fine outside. Did you just use pure moss peat? Some pearlite would help the drainage and allow the roots to breathe a bit easier. Hope this helps. Best regards Richard
  3. WOW! Looked at your photos and put my camera away. Fantastic plants! Richard Sent from my KFTHWI using Tapatalk
  4. Hi Veek, I think I let the roots grow slightly longer than the earlier photo but the longest would still only have been maybe 10mm. I planted them in a single small unheated propagator with a clear plastic lid to keep the humidity up in shredded sphagnum. Since this was over the winter I gave them some artificial light from a LED lamp designed for photography. (72 LED approx.) Once they had a few leaves I potted them into individual pots with peat/pearlite/sphagnum mix, disturbing the roots as little as possible, and grew them in the greenhouse. I did try again early spring with four leaves. One turned brown and died but the other three are now a similar size to the others which were planted this time last year! Suggests that it is probably better to take cuttings in spring when there are better natural conditions on the way rather than artificial. Gives us something to do over the winter though. Really want to try with my Hummers Giant but it just refuses to grow. Richard
  5. Thanks Marcus B, Yes, worked well for me. I now have quite a few Cephs! Still waiting for my Hummers Giant to grow a bit to try it too. This plant seems to be the slowest growing of all my plants. Must be a year old now and doing very little.
  6. Thought I'd post the leaf cuttings one year on (almost). All doing well!
  7. RickyM

    Cephalotus Cuttings

    Caphalotus cuttings grown in a jar with some rainwater later moved to sphagnum moss then ceph compost. One year on...
  8. Almost 8 weeks but all 8 leaf cuttings (pullings) now with roots! The only casualty was the Hummers Giant leaf but it was from a plant bought from Hampshire CPs this year and was (is) very small. They have been in rainwater and a glass jar in a south facing room but out of direct sunlight and with average room temperatures probably between 18 and 23 deg C. All 8 leaves still look and feel very healthy. This is a photo of the roots. Any ideas when they should be potted up and what into?
  9. RickyM

    Cephalotus Cuttings

    Cephalotus leaf cuttings in rainwater
  10. Wow, nice plant James. It has grown a few more pitchers since August and flowering too. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Hi cpukMaclean. I am controlling my greenhouse (or trying to) using an Anduino Uno. It is only a small greenhouse and more just for fun since I like playing about with electronics etc. I have a LCD connected to display the temperature and humidity read in with a DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor. I also control a large pc fan really just to take the peak off the temperature on hot days - few and far between here. There is also an ultrasonic humidifier which is positioned to blow humidity over the plants that need it the most on dry days. The Uno is fitted with a shield to provide a real time clock and sd card which I use to record the temperature and humidity - hardly necessary but fun anyway! I wanted to be able to control and monitor over wi-fi but didn't want to open up my network so I have run a cable from the greenhouse to the garage and connected the comms to a raspberry pi which has a wi-fi link so I can access this over network. Oh, just remembered, I also have a 12v pump to automatically water the plants from the Uno as well! I should say that I also grow carnivorous plants!!!!! Maybe this is in the wrong forum? This is also very much work in progress..... Would be interested in a software swap. I am on my second sensor but I did accidentally flood the first one. Seems to be reasonably accurate. Richard
  12. RickyM


    Thanks for that Stephen. In the meantime, time to look for clones in sales and wants....
  13. RickyM


    Just one thing. What is the point in offering seeds from say a B52 if the resulting plants are typicals? Is there a greater likelihood of something different from such seeds than from typical VFT seeds?
  14. RickyM


    Thanks FlyTrapRanch. That was what I had guessed from another discussion here about Cephalotus but just wanted to confirm. Didn't realize that when I ordered the seeds! Will have to wait and see what develops. Thanks again, Ricky
  15. RickyM


    A simple question from a relative newbee. I have just germinated 10 B52 seeds which I received from the CPS seed bank. Will these seeds "grow up" to be B52s? Should the be labelled as B52s or maybe B52 x B52? Do I need to buy a clone to get a real B52? Will some of them be B52s and some typical? Ok, so more than one question! Thanks in advance.