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  1. I only can emphasize Marcels request. It is a very important project and the German CP society will also will make a donation. I hope that some more people will support this project and that they will reach the first target. Cheers, Markus (President of the German Society G.F.P.)
  2. I will also be there and I'm looking forward to this event! Cheers, Markus
  3. Hello, my female Nepenthes platychila is flowering and she's looking for a suitable guy. Hybrids are undesired. Please send proposals to: [email protected] ;) Thanks, Markus
  4. Hi Maurizio, congratulations! P. calderoniae is a lovely plant with a very nice flower! It is really not easy at all to get it into flower and almost the growing period is very short. Cheers, Markus
  5. Hello, I will bring some of the G.F.P.-calendar to the EEE in Padova. So if you are interested in our new calendar 2015 you can pick it up in Italy and save shipping costs. ;) Cheers, Markus
  6. Hi, really nice site of cp's you found there. The Pinguicula are P. leptoceras. Cheers Markus
  7. Cograts Mau to this great success! I always failed growing P. filifolia from seeds and you even have a white flowering plant. As far as I know the white flowering form was lost in (tissue) culture. Good luck to keep this tricky plant alive and try to get seeds... ;) Cheers, Markus
  8. In which county is this place when not in CZ? And it's good to hear that there are still some places that are not visited by public so hide this little secret. :-)
  9. Wow, very nice habitat. It even looks like a man-made building. I wish I would have something like this in my garden. ;) Thanks for sharing. Cheers Markus
  10. Hi Aymeric, thank you for sharing these pics of this nice species even if I was not able to join you to any of your trips. It's interesting how variable the flowers are. Cheers Markus
  11. Hi Marcus, congrats to the good germination rate. I also made the experience tha a lot of species germinate quite well with this method. But I must admit that I changed my sowing method to the conventional way as it is quite time-consuming to pick up the plants from the dish. If you wait too long the plants root into the tissue and it's quite difficult to get them out without distroiying the roots. P. parvifolia germinates quite well (nearly 100%). The skill is to get it adult... ;-) Cheers, Markus
  12. You have every reason to be proud! I'm quite glad that there is clearness now in the subgenus Tayloria. It's even more than 15 years ago that you discovered this species, isn't it? Cheers, Markus
  13. Hello, I would like to share some photos of the new described species G. exhibitionista that just is flowering in my collection. I like this species as the open conical corolla tube is similar to the flowers of most Pinguicula species. Cheers, Markus
  14. Congrats to this great success! The flower is really quite nice and it reminds me a bit of the flower of P. crassifolia especially the spur. Cheers, Markus
  15. Thank you for the photos. Really nice an well grown plants. The plant in the 4th photo is P. spec. ANPA and not P. potosiensis. Cheers, Markus
  16. Jeff, it's a bit too easy to declare the differences between P. esseriana and P. jaumavensis on the basis of two single clones.... I have several P. jaumavensis/esseriana/ehlersiae clones in culture to have more comparison. The two plants shown in my photos not only differ in colour but also in shape and other habitual characters, e.g. the flower stalk of P. El Mirador is extremely long. Cheers, Markus
  17. Here are some flower photos to show the differences between P. M.d. Asbe and P. spec. El Mirador. P. spec. El Mirador looks more like a P. esseriana and P. spec. M.d. Asbe looks like a P. jaumavensis. P. M.d. Asbe P. spec. El Mirador Cheers, Markus
  18. Hello, I would like to share some photos of different P. martinezii to show how variable this species is.. More flower photos and photos of the leaves can be seen on my website: Pinguicula martinezii Photos Cheers, Markus
  19. Hi Marcus, I love it..! The nearing spring is the best time to see such a flower show of the winter flowering mexican pings. The missing crossing partner of the P. emarginata could be P. rectifolia/P. spec. Tonala. If you would like to see how the flower of P. martinezii looks like just visit my website - aber ich will dir natürlich nicht die Spannung nehmen One of my plants flowered for the first time last week. Cheers, Markus
  20. Sorry jeff, I think my english is not bad at all but I do not understand what you mean with this sentence. Even google translator makes nonsens from this!? Cheers, Markus
  21. Hello, about 5 years ago I made a cross of P. ehlersiae 'Victoria' - a very small form of P. ehlersiae and P. immaculata. The result is a small hybrid that is very similar to P. immaculata but with a pale violet flower. Cheers, Markus
  22. P. from Minas des Asbestos is very similar to P. esseriana. The flower is pale violet to white with some violet stripes on the backside of the petals. There is another related species P. sp. El Mirador that is quite similar and they only differ from the amount of the stripes on the backside of the petals. I have to surch at home if I ever take a photo of these two plants. Cheers, Markus
  23. Hi Aymeric, congrats that you got this tiny thing to flower. As it is self producing seeds it should not be a problem to get seeds. So keep an eye on this plant as it will die very quickly after flowering. Unfortunately I could not manage to keep it in my collection but good to hear that there is another tc source. In nature this species grows on very loamy sites but I'm not sure if this is good for culture. Cheers, Markus
  24. The plant on the photo shown on extreme plants is G. lobata x violacea. I have never heard of a hybrid of G. violacea x hispidula and do not believe. I think it's just dislabeled. Cheers, Markus