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  1. Sorry didn´t seen ur post, but I think we clarified this :)
  2. Don´t forget our calendar, most of them are sold, so don´t wait!
  3. Another picture for you, here you can see all of the pictures
  4. Dear CP lovers, since 2007 the German Carnivorous Plant Society (G. F. P. - Gesellschaft für Fleischfressende Pflanzen im deutschsprachigen Raum e. V.) yearly publishes a calendar of photos of carnviorous plants taken by society members and also other skilled photographers printed in very high quality. Some of you surely know about this and have also purchased one or the other of these calendars. I´m happy tp present you the calendar for the year 2016: Please visit this page to see previews of the calender 2016
  5. My english is not the yellow from the egg, too.
  6. Hey, Happy new year, everyone! We still have some calenders, visit our website, may it is the last chance to get a GFP calender!
  7. Dont forget our Calender! Just 2 weeks to christmas, 3 weeks to 2015...
  8. And again a new Pic on our Homepage!