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    Sarracenia and Cephalotus mainly. Otherwise, Jacob sheep, astronomy and science.

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  1. I'm sure if you keep your eye out for one you will get one. Hopefully mine will be ready to split next year if you haven't had any joy by then ;-)
  2. I think ASBO is a beautiful plant! Here are some pictures of mine, and of Mike King's plant last Autumn.
  3. Can I also thank Les - it was my first open day and it was great to see Les's collection and to pick up a beautiful Kimber Red Ruffles. I really enjoyed seeing the seedlings and I hope the ones I chose grow on to be something special.
  4. I'm planning on going and I'm really looking forward to it!
  5. Thanks everyone! I'd love to get to know more Irish CP growers - Richard, I will definitely take you up on that offer - likewise if you are ever near Wicklow! I'll try to get to some of the shows and open days to meet everyone in person. Thanks again Nicola
  6. Hi Paul, thanks for that! I know Mike and have visited his amazing collection - I have some of his plants. I'm out of the country unfortunately next weekend and am so disappointed to miss the open day! But I'm hoping to make it to some of the other open days this year.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm a keen Sarracenia and Cephalotus grower - I'm from Ireland but work in Birmingham, so my plants are split between two countries! I'm very keen to expand my Sarracenia collection so hope I can ask the odd question or two here. I've followed the forum for a while and find everything very useful - so thanks in advance. Nicola