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  1. Hey I'll pm you now! Will do with the bigger pot shouldn't be a problem. I noticed the reblogging afterwards ha thats what I get for looking briefly, I seen your grow list and assumed. I've looked at the guide, if only I'd found it earlier ha cuts out a lot of the excess,but I guess thats part of the learning experience too!
  2. Thanks so much for such a detailed reply! You were indeed right that there was a pot inside a pot. As for the soil I would really appreciate that, if you're sure its not too much hassle? I'm currently in the process of going through your website you have some really awesome plants! Thanks again for all the help :)
  3. Hi, I was recently gifted a venus fly trap from B&Q and after much reading on here and other care guides I have a slight problem, it was recommended that you don't re-pot for at least 2 years especially if you're new at keeping VFTs, however, the pot mine came in has no holes in the bottom so I can't sit the plant in the recommended 3-5 cm of rainwater. So in this instance which is the more pressing concern would it be better to risk potting up, just placing this plant with medium intact into a bigger pot so as to disturb the roots as minimally as possible, or to water from the top until I get better at keeping the plant? If re-potting is the better option then how large a pot should I go with? Also, on the topic of dormancy I live in Kildare in Ireland and was wondering would a poly tunnel be suitable for overwintering to protect from freezing but to also allow the plant to go dormant? Thanks for any help you can offer! For clarity, and because I've never been on a forum that didn't like pictures, here are some pictures of the plant and pot.