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  1. Good job. Looks very solid. It will surely stand there for a long long time
  2. Oh dear. That must have hurt.... Hope you can replenish soon ;)
  3. very nice job! I understand if you want to keep that for yourself but any advice in tuberisation media? :)
  4. Hello, I would say if seeds are not fresh (maybe more than 3 months) it might not be very useful... But why not? You could try. You can find GA3 in ebay. Dillute it with a bit of alcohol and then water to the desired concentration. I would say 400ppm for 24 soak. Then plant normally. Just an idea.... never tried that with nepenthes
  5. Excellent! I will be visiting the Netherlands in July so maybe.....
  6. God damn it! Can't believe it! What was its price?