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  1. The hours the actual plant receives definitely affects the size and vigour. 6 to 8/9 is a big difference in the UK. If they don't receive enough direct sun, the plant will slowly decline over the years and get smaller. The greenhouse may receive the sunlight, but it has to hit the plant directly throughout the day to benefit. Being shaded by surrounding plants makes a big difference.
  2. Treefella, as a thousand to one chance, I purchased SWC's last Asbo about 2 weeks ago. I then searched the net and came across this thread. The one they sent was beautiful and so very different from the usual Sarracenia. Keep your eyes out for another, they are very special.
  3. Congratulations on the two winners. Mine is actually 45mm spot on and if I'd squashed it further it could have gone further, but I doubt it would have reached 46mm. Good contest, I look forward to next years!
  4. Here's my largest trap this year, for the moment. A Darwin. upload a gif
  5. Excellent competition, some huge traps there.
  6. Here's my attempt for the moment. It's my trusty original Slack's Giant.
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