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  1. Mantas

    Orchis purpurea

    Oh, i can see oak seedlings. I bet they should be plugged out in order to save orchid
  2. I don't think my wall is worth to show but i'll make like yours after i get my sphagnum moss :)
  3. Oh so sorry for your lost.... But if rockwool will do the job perhaps ill try something like that too. I now have tiny "wall" just with sphagnum moss (it's about 10cm x 10cm) just to check how my pings are feeling vertically.
  4. Excuse me, the album was made to be shown only to my fb friends but now I've made it public, my fault :/
  6. Hello all, in Lithuania perhaps all growers have Pinguicula ehlersiae from the same mother plant, but none of us is sure whether it's true ehlersiae or some moranensis hybrid... What you think? :)
  7. Maybe putting it refrigerator is better?
  8. Is Pinguicula vallisneriifolia fully hardy in about -20C or doeas it need to be warmer at winter?
  9. Really nice, what a big agnata and moranensis...
  10. Those pings are really nice, i especially like planifolia Other plants are good too, but im not interesting in others cp just pings
  11. I use vermiculite/cat litter (zeolite)/ dolomite about 2/2/1 my pings grow like in heaven :)))
  12. Mantas

    id needed

    Thanks for identification :)
  13. Mantas

    id needed i added a pic(have no idea if it will work) i've bought this as a unknown ping but i guess that's moranensis
  14. Those are cute flowers :)
  15. I bet it's Dactylorhiza maculata, i have one which looks really similar.
  16. Maybe Pinguicula sp. Lautner 92/552 pullings are available?
  17. Yup. All those orchids are more than amazing.
  18. What a cute "octopus" :)
  19. All those temperate orchids are spectacular!
  20. My moss doesn't grow that fast. About 5cm per year.
  21. I have D.rotundifolia, anglica, intermedia and obovata in sphagnum moss bogs. They are growing through live sphagnum.